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kelly brook kimdir ? kelly brook biyografi
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kelly brook

Kelly Brook was born November 23, 1979, in Great Britain in the town of Chatham, in Kent County. Kelly is a model, TV personality and actress. This hot young star began her career by winning a beauty contest that her mother had entered her in. Kelly ended up working as a model, initially for a local flooring company and supplemented her income working as a waitress.

Discovered by the Daily Star, Kelly started to appear in various British men's magazines like "Loaded". The British tabloids were also not slow to catch on to her alluring looks and she became a favorite, particularly with male magazines, which became interested in her obvious qualities. Kelly's career really took off when she was announced as the successor to Denise Van Outen on the "The Big Breakfast Show".

While on vacation, Kelly learned of news reports circulating that her position as commentator of the "Big Breakfast" was to be terminated. Kelly elected to quit the show in lue of being fired. Kelly, now out looking for a job, took the opportunity to became a model for Triumph International Underwear. This provocative image of her was placed on advertisements in London, which went on record for being the largest and most popular billboard in England, if not the World.

Kelly was in the United States filming a show, which has been picked up by Warner Brothers for an initial season's run, called "The Mis-Adventures of Fiona Plum". In the show, she plays a witch from Britain banished to the US to work as a nanny. Kelly also recently appeared on the British TV show, "The Priory", and has been in a TV ad for 'KitKat'.

Kelly's most recent job was playing the role of Anya the Lap Dancer in the stage play "Eye Contact". Prior to this role, she had been filming for two minor parts in movies. Kelly played the part of a clubber in the film "Sorted", starring Jason Donovan and Tim Curry. In the second movie, she was filming in Canada for the movie "Ripper", in which she became entangled with one of the descendants of Jack the Ripper

Bu biyografi (kelly brook) 1976 kez okundu.

Biyografi: kelly brook Hayat-yaam hakknda bilgi veriyor.

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