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Losing a guitarist just as you're honing your craft would be catastrophe for most bands but in Sussex combo Keane's case it proved to be a positive boon as they adapted their sound to piano led rock and soon became inheritors of Coldplay's 'sensitive rockers' mantle. Their debut album Hopes and Fears was chock full of melodic melancholia stuffed with catchy, choirboy-like soaring choruses and thoughtful piano flourishes, leading the NME to describe them as "Kid A-era Radiohead covering A-Ha!" But in a good way!

Keane are thoughtful, sensitive and educated to college level. Their unassuming nature is probably everything that someone like the visceral 'monkey boy' Liam Gallagher would hate about some rock acts. Frontman Tom Chaplin makes Chris Martin look like John Lydon and says "we're not trying to be cool," but the band are an indication that in a new era, British rock stars really don't have to masquerade as working class heroes (Put the beer down and step AWAY from the photographer Gallagher!) or louche and raddled Bohemians. (Quiet in that kaftan Albarn!)

Tom Chaplin (vocals), Richard Hughes (drums), Tim Rice-Oxley (piano) and Dominic Scott (guitar), met at school in Battle in East Sussex. They started life as a covers band, playing Oasis, U2 and Beatles songs local Sussex pubs. Chaplin eventually left his Art History studies at Edinburgh university in 1999 to join the band in London. Their self-released debut single, Call Me What You Like, was unleashed in early 2000 and follow up Wolf At The Door followed a year later. But things developed slowly.

Record labels weren't taking the bait and guitarist Scott eventually left in 2001 forcing the band to continue as a three-piece and alter their musical approach. "Tim started playing piano and it just felt right," remembers Tom. "It was an accidental breakthrough." In December 2002 the band were spotted by an Fierce Panda label boss Simon Williams as they played a gig at the glamourously named Betsey Trotwood venue.

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