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katie holmes kimdir ? katie holmes biyografi
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katie holmes

Name : Katie Holmes

Full Name : Kate Noelle Holmes

Date Of Birth : December 18, 1978

Place Of Birth : Toledo, Ohio

Height : 5'8''

Weight : 118 lbs.

Eyes : Green

Hair : Brown

Education : High School (Notre Dame)College: Columbia University, New York, New York (deferred admission)

Occupation : Actress

Father : Martin Holmes (Lawyer)

Mother : Kathy Holmes (Homemaker)

Siblings : four sisters, one brother (Youngest is Katie)

Fan Mail : Katie Holmes c/o The WB 4000Warner Blvd.Burbank, CA 91522USA

Katie Holmes Detailed Biography
Born and raised in Toledo,Ohio,Holmes started acting in theaterproductions in high school but didn't think she had a shot at stardom livingin the midwest.Fate intervened when she was attending a national modelingand talent convention in New York and she met a talent manager whoencouraged her to come to Los Angeles for television's pilot season. Whenthe next pilot season came up during her senior year of high school Holmesopted to skip coming out to Los Angeles to perform in her school'sproduction of ''Damn Yankees'' as Lola.For the ''Dawson's Creek''audition,she sent in a videotape from Toledo and when the call came backconflicted with her play's opening night she declined rather than let downher classmates.Fortunately,the producers were able to reschedule heraudition and she landed the series regular role of Joey Potter. The youngestof five,Holmes got into acting only two years ago.While a junior,she landeda role in Ang Lee's ''The Ice Storm.''For now,she has put off admission toColumbia University.While on hiatus from the show she is filming a thriller ''disturbing Behavior''.

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