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kate winslet kimdir ? kate winslet biyografi
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kate winslet

Kate is a well seasoned actress who comes from a long line of performing artist family members. It was her destiny to be in the performing arts; her grandparents ran Reading Repertory Theatre, her late uncle was a West End actor, and her parents were stage actors.

At age 11, Kate began taking acting lessons in Maidenhead and secured her first acting role in a Sugar Puffs commercial dancing with the Honey Monster. She attended a performing arts school and followed her graduation with roles in the British television drama Shrinks. This was followed by appearances in television series; Casualty, Dark Season, Get Back, and Anglo-Saxon Attitudes. Kate's theatrical roles including Pandora in the musical Adrian Mole, Wendy in Peter Pan, Sarah in A Game of Soldier, and Geraldine in What the Butler Saw.

In 1994, Kate made her move into film with "Heavenly Creatures", in which she landed the starring role, and received rave review's from her film debut. Screenwriter and producer Emma Thompson, cast her at first sight for the role in which Kate earned herself an even greater accolade of a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination from the Academy. Kate has continued to distinguish herself in other productions including "Jude" and Kenneth Branagh's "Hamlet".

Kate's most successful movie to date is "Titanic", playing the role of Rose Dewitt Bukater, an upper-class Philadelphian aboard the ill fated ocean liner. Following the success of "Titanic", Kate starred in some smaller films, such as, "Hideous Kinky" set in Morocco and then in "Holy Smoke" opposite Harvey Keitel.

Another memorable work for Kate was seen in the film "Quills", a film about the final days of the Marquis de Sade who was institutionalized for his controversial works that contained graphic descriptions of sex. Recently, Kate has starred in "Enigma" and "Iris" for which she has picked up numerous awards. With such an outstanding career, it is just a matter of time until Kate brings home an Oscar.

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