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kate moss kimdir ? kate moss biyografi
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kate moss

Kate was born on January 16, 1974, in Croydon, Surrey, England. She has become one of the most recognized and highest paid supermodels in the World. She's famous, rich and extremely successful, and a very sexy sensual woman. Her parents divorced when she was 15 and she has one brother, Nick, who also models. Kate's started in the fashion industry in 1988, when she and her family were in JFK airport on their way back from a vacation in the Bahamas. She was then 14-years-old, and Kate caught the eye of Sarah Ducas of Storm Agency. This chance encounter was the launching pad of her hugely successful career.

Kate has become one of the most photographed models to date. Her first modeling job was a topless appearance on the cover of the British magazine The Face. Kate is presently signed with three different modeling agencies Women, in New York; Marilyn in Milan; and the Storm agency in London. Kate has graced such magazine covers as Allure and Harper's Bazaar in the US; Arena, Elle, The Face in the UK, and Vogue in American, British, Australian, Italian, and Brazilian editions.

Calvin Klein ads have catapulted Kate to extreme stardom with a very recognizable profile, to say the least. Kate has practically become a staple in Calvin Klein ads, such as those for fragrances Obsession, CK Be and CK One. In addition to Klein ads, Kate has also appeared in ads for Burberry, Cerruti 1881, De Beers Simple Diamond, Dolce and Gabbana, Gianni Versace, L'Oreal, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Kate has also appeared on the television screen in a documentary entitled "Models Close-Up", "French and Saunders", a comedy series on the BBC, and MTV's "Fashionably Loud" as well as "Choose or Lose" show, and in British Mercury Mobile Phones ads, and of course Calvin Klein television ads. Kate has also been keeping with the tradition of other supermodels, being cast in music videos such as Linda Evangelista and Helena Christensen, and Kate wins the prize for the most music video appearances. Kate has also played roles in Johnny Cash's "Delia's Gone", Primal Scream's "Kowalski" and Elton John's "The Way You Look Tonight".

Kate has been romantically linked to fellow partier Johnny Depp for four years, and also dated Calvin Klein photographer Mario Sorrenti. Johnny Depp once sent her a $100,000 BMW as a get well gift, during her stay at a private clinic for substance abuse. It is reported that Kate made $2.2 million in 1994 and her estimated worth in 2000 was $26.3 million. It is said that Kate charges at least $10,000 per day of modeling. Kate completed one Calvin Klein contract worth $4 million for 100 days of work. She is now in ads for Yves Saint Laurent's perfume 'Opium'. She also markets a published picture book of herself called "Kate".

Kate keeps fully functional appartments in France and London, England, but her home base is in New York City. Recently it is reported that Johnny Depp and Kate bought an apartment on the Place Dauphine, in Paris.

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