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kate hudson kimdir ? kate hudson biyografi
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kate hudson

Kate is now one of the most coveted young actresses in Hollywood. She is bubbly and exciting, yet mature and intelligent. She has the rare gift of making the people around her feel comfortable and has a natural air about her. Kate is definitely a tantalizing person to watch. From her looks, the audiences should have plenty of opportunities to fall in love with her.

This vivacious beauty bears more than just a striking resemblance to her famous, Academy Award winning mother, Goldie Hawn. Kate is the daughter of singer comedian Bill Hudson and Goldie, she was born April 19, 1979, in Los Angeles, California. After Kate's birth, Goldie and Bill divorced, and her estranged father has been out of their lives ever since. In 1983, Goldie met actor Kurt Russell, who she has lived with the for the past 18 years, and is considered by Kate to be her "Pa".

Despite her family's powerful business connections, Kate has gone out on her own to acquire an agent and landed employment by her talent and not her name. Kate was chosen for People magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People for good reasons; she has great eyes, a great smile, great legs, and a talented mind. She dresses very provocatively, but always with a touch of class. She's beautiful, sophisticated and chooses her wardrobe accordingly.

Kate got her first taste of showbiz in front of the camera as the 7-year-old actress playing Goldie's daughter in the 1986 film "Wildcats". She attended and graduated from the Crossroads School of Arts and Sciences. Kate was accepted to NYU's Tisch School of Drama, but rather than taking her skills to the class room, she went straight for the real thing, Hollywood.

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