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julia roberts kimdir ? julia roberts biyografi
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julia roberts

Julia was born in Smyrna, Georgia on October 28, 1967. This sultry, well accomplished actress is a lean 5'9" with a profound body. Skinny like a cane, with long legs and rich curly hair, she is more awkward than elegant. Her big gray eyes and mouth can express the finest emotions on the screen.

Julia's mother, Betty-Lou, is an actress and a church secretary, and her father Walter worked as a vacuum cleaner salesman, writer and an actor. She has a older brother Eric, and an older sister Lisa. When Julia was four years old, her parents divorced because of financial difficulties. Her mother Betty-Lou stayed in Smyrna with her two daughters, while Walter moved to Atlanta and took the older brother Eric with him. When Julia was ten years old, her father passed away.

Julia's early ambitions were becoming a veterinarian and she had little interest in acting. After graduating from Campbell High School in Smyrna, Julia joined her sister Lisa and brother Eric in New York to go to theater school.

Julia manages to catch headings of most printed publications all over the world and photographers fervently document all the smallest details of her private life. The size of her bust was printed all over the world and publishers made much money on her figure. She set a world payment record at $10 million in 1996 for the film Mary Reilly. She is arrogant to the point that she turned down the lead in "Shakespeare in Love", and to think that she was once rejected for a part on All My Children.

In 1988, Julia played a pizza waitress in "Mystic Pizza" and then she co-starred with Liam Neeson in "Satisfaction". Things started to get hot behind the camera as well between Julia and Liam. One year later she starred in "Steel Magnolias" opposite her fianc at that time, Dylan McDermott. In 1990, when the film "Pretty Woman" came to the screen, it turned a talented beginner actress into superstar. Suddenly, everybody wanted Julia, papers wrote about her every day, the box office profits sky rocketed, and the whole world talked about Julia.

The last few years have been very profitable for Julia, both in career movement and monetarily. On Christmas Day '98, "Stepmom" was released. And, in the summer of '99, she had two big blockbusters out in the theaters, "Notting Hill" and "Runaway Bride" which re-united Richard Gere and Julia for the first time since "Pretty Woman". Julia then received her first Oscar for her part in "Erin Brockovich", a movie based on true story. "The Mexican" with Brad Pitt opened in cinemas in March. "America's Sweethearts" just came out in June, and just in time for Christmas, the remake of "Ocean's Eleven" starring, amongst others, Brad Pitt & George Clooney has hit the theaters. Its going to be a big year for Julia.

Julia might hide away sometimes to get away from the spotlight, but she always comes back, stronger and better than ever. And, we have not seen the last of Julia Roberts yet. I smell Academy Awards.

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