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jules asner kimdir ? jules asner biyografi
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jules asner

Jules Asner was born on February 14, 1968, and grew up in Tempe, Arizona. Asner was her married name and although she is now divorced, she continues to use it.

At age 11, Jules stood at 5'10", and was discovered at a modeling convention in Scottsdale, Arizona at age 16. She left home a week later to sign with Elite Model Management and was soon off to modeling jobs in Europe and Asia. Elite is known around the world to recruit only quality models and Jules was no exception.

After spending time modeling all over the world, Jules decided to try something different. She relocated to Los Angeles and enrolled at UCLA, and graduated with a degree in political science and journalism.

Jules began reporting entertainment news in 1994, contributing to such national and international programs as Good Morning England, Reuters Television, The Entertainment Show and Extra. More recently, she has been co-anchor with Steve Kmetko on E! News Daily, as well as hosting E!'s Wild On show.

Jules has taken viewers to the South Seas, Las Vegas, Mardi Gras and has visited 25 different countries in the span of a year and a half on the show. She is now doing more reporting for E!, hosting movie premieres, covering film festivals, and doing celebrity press junket interviews. She is also the host of E!'s interview show, Revealed. As a writer, she also occasionally contributed to Buzz magazine, reporting on different aspects of the world of entertainment.

Jules is a tall sexy beautiful brunette vixen who has had very provocative photographs taken of her in very little clothing. She has become a staple at Hollywood premieres, publicity junkets and film festivals, covering the action and interviewing the stars. She now makes her home in Hollywood Hills, California

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