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johnny cash kimdir ? johnny cash biyografi
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johnny cash

Nobody understood better than Johnny Cash that the best country music comes from a deep, dark place where sin, loss, redemption, murder and moral ambiguity are everyday demons. Amid country music's standard songs about having the electricity cut off, being left alone by your partner with thirteen kids to raise, and fancying your third cousin, Johnny Cash rose out of the genre to become something more than a country singer - A genuine American icon. With a voice like a rumbling volcano, Cash found success with early hits such as I Walk The Line and Ring Of Fire. He toured with Elvis at the birth of rock and roll, hobnobbed with Dylan in the 60s and spent a few years in the commercial wilderness in the 70s before his rebirth in the '90s with his Rick Rubin produced set of albums. Even up until his death in 2003, aged 71, Johnny Cash remained an icon of individualism and rebellious artistic spirit, sticking it to the man like no other artist in history.

The son of cotton farmer Ray Cash, Johnny was born in February 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas, the fourth of seven children. The family were dirt poor and often lived without running water or electricity. The family moved to Mississippi as part of a government relocation programme to help the rural poor. By the age of eight, Johnny was out picking cotton in the fields. The experience toughened him up and engendered a sympathy with the poor and downtrodden that would remain throughout his life. When Cash was 12 his brother Jack died in an accident with a bench saw. The effect on Johnny was lasting although it failed to shake his deeply held Christian faith.

Cash took up the guitar while stationed in the army in Germany. Upon his release he headed to Memphis and in 1954 he formed Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two together with bassist Marshall Grant and and Luther Perkins. They signed to Sam Phillips Sun' label in 1956 alongside stablemates Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and a little known truck driver called Elvis Presley (they would become known as the million dollar quartet.) Cash had an immediate country hit with Cry, Cry, Cry and a pop hit with the twangin', pared down simplicity of the classic I Walk The Line in 1956. In search of more pop success Sam Phillips paired Cash with producer Jack Clement. The result was more hits in 1958 with Ballad of A Teenage Queen and Guess Things Happen That Way

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