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john lennon kimdir ? john lennon biyografi
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john lennon

More controversial, experimental and less prolific, Lennon's solo output stood in marked contrast to Paul McCartney's after the break-up of The Beatles. And whilst his recorded solo output was inconsistent (Perhaps only 1971's Imagine can be hailed as a masterpiece), there's no denying Lennon's status as an iconic rock figure, a man who inspired outrage and devotion in equal measure though his anti-war and anti-establishment stance.

Although The Beatles officially split in 1970, Lennon's solo output had begun two years earlier when he and Yoko Ono released the experimental album, Unfinished Music No.1 - Two Virgins. The album sleeve depicted a full-frontal nude photo of the couple and the album was subsequently sold in brown paper wrapping. In 1969 Lennon released its follow-up, Unfinished Music No.2 - Life With The Lions and continued his anti-commercial, free-form direction, the songs mainly recorded on a small cassette player. Now divorced from his first wife, Cynthia, John married Yoko on 20th March, 1969.

After the newly married couple had completed a peace protest against the Vietnam war by lying in bed for 8 days, they released the Plastic Ono Band's debut single, the anthemic Give Peace A Chance, written during the bed-in and giving John his first solo hit when it reached No.3 in the UK charts. Later that year Lennon's drug withdrawal song, Cold Turkey also hit the charts in the UK and US. In late 1969 Lennon unveiled two further albums, another avant-garde collaboration with Yoko, The Wedding Album and a live album from The Plastic Ono Band - Live In Toronto. The pair also scored with another hit single, Instant Karma, produced by Phil Spector, which reached the Top 5 in the UK and the US

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