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joanna pacitti

Spend your formative years on the road with a national touring company. Dedicate your teens to preparing to take the music world by storm. Throw in the scrutiny of MTV cameras documenting your every move. If this had been your day-to-day existence, youd probably call your debut album This Crazy Life too. And if you happened to be Geffen recording artist, JOANNA, youd have the confidence and talent to come through it all with aplomb. The title represents my journey, Joanna explains. Ive struggled, been on such a high and such a low. But my purpose in life is to touch people with my music. Ive always turned pain into strength.

Joanna will touch you with This Crazy Life, an insightful collection of pop gems that showcase her incredible vocal ability. Whether soaring through independence anthems like the first single Let It Slide, bearing all on emotional ballads like Miracle, or even stirring soulful rock on Tip Toe, the main thing that knocks you out is Joannas powerful voice.

Joanna first started entertaining folks as a blue-collar kid growing up in Philly. Id sing for the customers in my fathers barbershop, and theyd give me tipsthen Id go down to the corner store for candy, she recalls. The young girl with the powerhouse pipes soon began branching out from a local TV talent show to big-time Broadway auditions. She landed roles with a number of musical productions and, after 106 performances of the 20th anniversary national tour of Annie, Joanna was bound to take the show back to the Great White Way. That, unfortunately never came to fruition as Joanna came down with bronchitis and the show went on without her ensuing a media blitz of attention and support. This only made Joanna stronger and she decided to focus on her music.

Knock me down, it makes me want to get up and soar higher. I realized I wanted to do my own music, but first I had to define who I was, she says. One big step in that direction was allowing herself to have some typical teenage experiences. Id been in the industry professionally since I was nine, and I needed to just experience normal teen life.

Joanna also had to deal with the blessing/curse of her multifaceted instrument. My voice can go from quiet and intimate to raspy to opening up huge, she says. I can sing any style you throw at me, and thats bittersweet, because I needed to discover the style that was me. When she started turning her poems into lyrics and her concepts into melodies, Joanna was on her way. Once shed saved enough money to travel to California and make a demo she already knew the person she wanted in her corner.

I kept on hearing about this guy Ron Fair, what a genius he was, she says of the now Geffen Records Chairman who molded the career of Christina Aguilera, among others. So although shed received calls from various labels, Joanna held them at bay. I didnt want to meet with anyone until I met Ron Fair. She got her way, and sang one a cappella number after another for Fair. Id been warned that he wouldnt tell me how wonderful I was or anything, Joanna recalls. So I was surprised when he said, Id sign you right now if I wasnt in the middle of a career transition myself. At the time Fair was leaving RCA to head up A&M Records. Suffice to say, Fair didnt waste time working with her to ready her Geffen debut.

Then he gave her time to deliver her debut. Im so lucky, because record companies dont really develop artists anymore, says Joanna, now 21. I was only 16 when I was signed, they could have thrown things at me, like, Youre singing this and youre wearing this, but they really left it in my hands. Working with young, up-and-coming producers and writers, as well as Fair and hitmakers like Linda Perry, Joanna got down to honing her sound. During this time, Joanna became the subject of MTVs True Life documentary series. They followed me around for a year to show what really goes in to making a record because its so tough! Joanna says of the two-hour episode. People have no idea how intense it is. Now that my records coming out, anyone who saw the show will be like, Wow, she really kept at it.

The result is an album that showcases Joannas vocal talent and electric personality. This Crazy Life is an album of awakeningits all about breaking free, taking chances, getting hurt and letting go. Rock guitar and compelling percussion build to a crescendo on Let It Slide, with Joannas vocals ascending to heart-bursting heights. I began to cry when I listened to it for the first timeI was like, Thats me! she says of the first single. Its so close to me, so personal, and I love what it represents about being independent and taking off to do your own thing.

Another song Joannas especially close to is the title track. Its a story about my mom, who had the craziest lifeshe was abandoned as a child, was in an orphanage, went through a series of foster homes, Joanna says. My mom is the strongest woman I know, and a lifetime of lessons couldnt teach me what she has taught me. It took me a long time to write that song, and when I finished I sent it to my mom for Mothers Day.

This Crazy Life also features the emotional Linda Perry-penned Miracle, the ruefully romantic Just When Youre Leaving and 4th of Julywhich Joanna wrote when she was just 16. I shout out independence and strength but also that you shouldnt be afraid to open up and be vulnerable, let yourself love, even if it means getting hurt, Joanna says of the album in sum. Universal, classic themes rendered by a truly unforgettable voicethats Joannas debut album, but certainly not her last. I hope to be a credible artist, someone who will stick around, she says. Undoubtedlyno matter how crazy this life gets, Joanna will be here to sing about it.

[Update: Joanna has been asked to be the Spokeswoman for Bloomingdale's Back to School '06 Campaign, She will also be touring the US in 2006 and may be visiting a mall near you.]

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