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jessica simpson kimdir ? jessica simpson biyografi
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jessica simpson

Jessica Simpson was born on July 10, 1980 in Abilene, Texas to parents Joe and Tina Simpson. Her sister, is teen pop sensation Ashlee Simpson.

She grew up in Richardson, Texas where her father was a youth minister at a Baptist church in town. This influenced her to become part of the church's choir and she began to sing. In fact, as a pre-teen, she tried out for the Mickey Mouse club, but was turned down after choking during the audition (this could have placed young Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Jessica Simpson on the same stage).

She pursued a career in Christian gospel music, and began to make the Christian Youth concert circuit. Word of her beautiful voice began to travel and people inside and outside this music began to listen to her.

In 1998, she signed a record with Columbia Records, who wanted to take her to a larger audience, while maintaining her Christian image. This led to the recording of her debut album, Sweet Kisses, which was fairly successful. She then went on a whirlwind tour, opening up for teen boy-band 98 degrees - where she met her current husband Nick Lachey.

Her next two albums Irresistible and In the Skin did even better. Her success, and her tabloid relationship with Nick brought her greater fame. This fame created the way for a reality show based on their wedding, including follow-up variety show.

Jessica and Nick Lachey announced that they were splitting up (Nov. 2005).

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