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jessica biel kimdir ? jessica biel biyografi
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jessica biel

Birth Name
Jessica Claire Biel
Date of birth (location)
3 March 1982
Ely, Minnesota, USA


Born on March 7, 1982, in Ely, MN, then raised in Boulder, CO, the pretty, dark-haired actress was first discovered at the 1994 IMTA Los Angeles Convention, which earned her a scholarship to Diane Hardin's Young Actors Space in Los Angeles. Teen print modeling followed, and in 1996, Biel began her run as Mary Camden on the Aaron Spelling-produced "7th Heaven" (1996- ).

Jessica Biel impressed viewers with her realistic portrayal of teenager Mary Camden, the mostly level-headed eldest daughter of a progressive minister, on The WB's family drama. A familiar face to the teen set through her work on the popular series and her numerous magazine covers, Biel was cast opposite heartthrob Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the 1998 holiday film "I'll Be Home For Christmas", playing his well-grounded and assertive girlfriend Allie. Her first film role was in "Ulee's Gold" (1997), starring Peter Fonda, in which she played Fonda's troubled granddaughter Casey, a departure from her "7th Heaven" role.

But Biel grew tired of playing a good girl on television and tried to force the producers to fire her from 7th Heaven, claiming her pristine image was a factor that kept her from landing the role that went to Thora Birch in American Beauty (1999). When the producers would not release her from her contract, she posed on the cover of the March 2000 Gear under the headline "Fallen Angel." The images inside featured her sprawled topless on a bed and against a bathroom mirror, her hands providing insufficient cover in a manner that pushed even Gear's lax standards for showing skin. The issue become one of Gear's most popular ever, with terrific resale value on Ebay, and got Biel canned from the show.

However, the controversy and exposure did not immediately improve her film career.
She ultimately negotiated a reduced, recurring role on the series and branched further into features, playing Freddie Prinze Jr.'s fantasy rich girl and adding a bit of sexy zest to the otherwise dreary baseball comedy "Summer Catch." She next took on her edgiest project yet, appearing as promiscuous college student Lara Halleran in writer-director Roger Avary's blunt, sex-soaked adaptation of Brett Easton Ellis' novel "The Rules of Attraction" (2002).

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