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jessica biel kimdir ? jessica biel biyografi
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jessica biel

Born March 3, 1982, in Ely, Minnesota, Jessica is a controversial sexy model and inspiring actress. She is a gorgeous woman, and what makes Jessica stand out is that her maturity exceeds the age on her driver's license. Jessica's on-screen career began in 1996, where she played Mary Camden, the oldest daughter of a minister couple in the squeaky clean TV hit "7th Heaven". She also branched out to the big screen with parts in "Ulee's Gold" in '97 and "I'll Be Home For Christmas" in 1998, where she played opposite Home Improvement's Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Raised in Boulder, Colorado, Jessica started doing plays at the age of nine with roles in "The Sound of Music", "Annie", "Beauty and the Beast", and "Anything Goes". In 1994, while attending Diane Hardin's Young Actor's Space in Los Angeles, Jessica was discovered by her current manager, Jeff Morrone, from Innovative Artists.

Many people have been raving about Jessica's future possibilities for years and Jessica herself felt that big things awaited her. Under the watchful eye of her father, she was featured in several modeling covers including Sassy Magazine in '96, Teen and Moxie Girl in 1998, and the huge honor from People Magazine in '99 when they named her one of the worlds 50 most beautiful people. Jessica has the charisma and sex appeal needed to be a movie starlet or a pin-up girl.

The question now is what will be the future of Jessica's acting career be with the controversy surrounding her nude photo shoot and frank interview in Gear magazine. Jessica admits that this was an effort to upset Aaron Spelling and get him to tear up her contract to appear on "7th Heaven". That led Spelling to sue Gear magazine. To further infuriate the situation, Jessica upset the crew by cutting her own hair before the start of the '99 season, where she exclaimed, "The producers were really pissed". In an interview with TV Guide, Jessica continued to anger the 7th Heaven producers by saying she'd like to see her character "have sex with one of the bishops or something".

Jessica's attitude leads many to compare her to Shannen Doherty, the controversial former 90210 actress who also heated up the Spelling set with hissy fits and controversy. Insiders at 7th Heaven have labeled Jessica as a "little bitch". Spelling's spokesperson has stated that Jessica is under contract and they are looking forward to working with her until that ends. Just recently, Jessica has said the entire Gear magazine deal was a stunt and regards the ordeal as a learning experience. What Jessica did not say, is that she regretted her provocative decision.

Jessica is a high school honor student and enjoys dancing and singing. It comes as no surprise that she has a life outside of acting by going to college at Tufts University, and toyed with the idea of going to UCLA. Jessica also is an amateur photographer, enjoys rollerblading, collects vintage glasses in her spare time

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