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jessica alba

Jessica Alba (Jessica Marie Alba) was born on April 28, 1981 in Pomona, California, USA. Jessica's father Mark Alba is with a Spanish and Mexican descent. Her father was in Air Force, so that the family is moved to many parts of America like Biloxi, Mississippi, and Del Rio, Texas. Her family is settled in California when she was 9. Jessica's mother, Cathy Jensen, is with a French and Danish descent. Jessica has younger brother Joshua Alba, born just one year after Jessica on July 8, 1982.

Jessica's acting interest starts from the age of five years. At the age of 12, she started taking acting classes in Southern California. Nine months later an acting agent signed her. In 1994, Jessica made her acting debut with small role in "Camp Nowhere" as Gail. Later she appeared in TV commercials "Nintendo" and "J.C. Penney" and several independent films. In 1994, she landed in Nickelodeon comedy series "The Secret World of Alex Mack", where she played an insufferable young snob.

The same year, in 1994, she landed in TV series "Flipper" as Maya, which was filmed in Australia. Jessica is a PADI-certified scuba diver. She got a chance to use her skills in the show. After the success of first season of "Flipper", she gets landed in second season of "Flipper". Te project lasts in 1997. Since then she appeared in many TV shows and movies.

In 1995, Jessica starred as Young Eve in "Venus Rising". After completing graduating from high school, she takes acting classes from Atlantic Theater Company. In 1996, she appeared in "Chicago Hope". In 1997, appeared on the "Dini Petty Show". Her 1998 projects include a crime drama "Brooklyn South", "Beverly Hills 90210" and "The Love Boat: The Next Wave". In 1999, Jessica started working in the Randy Quaid comedy "P.U.N.K.S.". The same year she appeared with a small role in "Never Been Kissed" and later with big role in "Idle Hands". Shortly after starred in "Paranoia" in 2000.

Jessica's big break comes up in 2000, with director James Cameron's Fox sci-fi TV series "Dark Angel", where she played a lead role of genetically-engineered super-soldier, as Max Guevera. She was selected from 1,200 candidates. She played two seasons of Dark Angel, the show was lasted in 2002. it was her biggest role ever.

Later she appeared in "Honey (2003)" as an aspiring dancer/choreographer, in "Sun City (2005)" as dancer Nancy Callahan, as Sue Storm (Invisible Woman) in "Fantastic Four (2005)"and as Sam in "Into the Blue (2005)". Jessica's upcoming projects include "Awake", "Good Luck Chuck", "Bill", "The Ten", "Sin City 2" and "Fantastic Four 2".

At her early life she was suffered by many physical disorders including collapsed lungs twice, a burst appendix, had pneumonia 4-5 times a year, asthma, and a cyst on her tonsils.


Jessica was engaged to Michael Weatherly (co-star of "Dark Angel") for more than year, but now they called it off.
There are rumors that she is currently dating the Fantastic Four director's assistant Cash Warren from January 2005, but Jessica has denied that.

Jessica Alba - Actress Filmography
Year Movie Name Role
2007 Fantastic Four 2 (pre-production) Susan Storm/As Invisible
2007 Sin City 2 (pre-production) Nancy Callahan
2007 The Ten (pre-production) Liz
2007 Bill (filming) Lucy
2006 Good Luck Chuck (pre-production) Cam Wexler
2006 Awake (post-production) Sam
2005 Into the Blue Sam
2005 Fantastic Four Sue Storm
2005 Fantastic Four (VG) (voice) Susan Storm
2005 Sin City Nancy Callahan
2003 Honey Honey Daniels
2003 'Mad TV' - Episode #9.5 (TV Episode) Jessica Simpson
2003 The Sleeping Dictionary Selima
2002 Dark Angel (VG) (voice) Max Guevara
2002 'Dark Angel' - Freak Nation (TV Episode) Max Guevera/X5-452
2002 'Dark Angel' - Love Among the Runes (TV Episode) Max Guevera/X5-452
2002 'Dark Angel' - She Ain't Heavy (TV Episode) Max Guevera/X5-452
2002 'Dark Angel' - Dawg Day Afternoon (TV Episode) Max Guevera/X5-452
2002 'Dark Angel' - Hello, Goodbye (TV Episode) Max Guevera/X5-452
2000 Paranoid Chloe
1999 Idle Hands Molly
1999 Never Been Kissed Kirsten Liosis
1999 P.U.N.K.S. Samantha Swoboda
1998 'The Love Boat: The Next Wave' - Remember? (TV Episode) Layla
1998 'Beverly Hills, 90210' - The Nature of Nurture (TV Episode) Leanne
1998 'Beverly Hills, 90210' - Making Amends (TV Episode) Leanne
1998 'Brooklyn South' - Exposing Johnson (TV Episode) Melissa Hauer
1996 Too Soon for Jeff (TV) Christy
1996 'Chicago Hope' - Sexual Perversity in Chicago Hope (TV Episode) Florie Hernandez
1995 'Flipper' (TV Series) Maya Graham ... as Jessica Marie Alba
1995 Venus Rising Young Eve
1994 'The Secret World of Alex Mack' - School Dance (TV Episode) Jessica
1994 'The Secret World of Alex Mack' - Hoop War (TV Episode) Jessica
1994 'The Secret World of Alex Mack' - The Accident (TV Episode) Jessica
1994 Camp Nowhere Gail

Jessica Alba - Herself Filmography

Year Apperance In
2006 AFI's 100 Years... 100 Cheers: America's Most Inspiring Movies (2006) (TV)
2006 2006 MTV Movie Awards (TV)
2006 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards '06 (TV)
2006 17th Annual GLAAD Media Awards (TV)
2006 'Extra' - Episode dated 6 March 2006 (TV Episode)
2006 The 78th Annual Academy Awards (TV)
2006 Joan & Melissa: Live at the Academy Awards (TV)
2006 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' - Episode dated 3 February 2006 (TV Episode)
2006 Live from the Red Carpet: The 2006 Golden Globe Awards (TV)
2006 The 63rd Annual Golden Globe Awards (TV)
2005 'Showbiz Tonight' - Episode dated 11 November 2005 (TV Episode)
2005 'Ellen: The Ellen DeGeneres Show' - Episode dated 4 October 2005 (TV Episode)
2005 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' - Episode dated 29 September 2005 (TV Episode)
2005 'Late Night with Conan O'Brien' - Episode dated 25 March 2005 (TV Episode)
2005 'Live with Regis and Kathie Lee' - Episode dated 28 September 2005 (TV Episode)
2005 'Live with Regis and Kathie Lee' - Episode dated 29 June 2005 (TV Episode)
2005 'Total Request Live' - Episode dated 28 September 2005 (TV Episode)
2005 'Today' - Episode dated 28 September 2005 (TV Episode)
2005 'Today' - Episode dated 28 June 2005 (TV Episode)
2005 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' - Episode dated 26 September 2005 (TV Episode)
2005 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' - Episode dated 7 July 2005 (TV Episode)
2001 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' - Episode dated 5 October 2001 (TV Episode)
2006 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' - Episode dated 5 June 2006 (TV Episode)
2005 Death of Celebrity (TV)
2005 MTV Video Music Awards 2005 (TV)
2005 'Corazn de...' - Episode dated 17 August 2005 (TV Episode)
2005 'Corazn de...' - Episode dated 14 July 2005 (TV Episode)
2005 The Teen Choice Awards 2005 (TV)
2005 2005 MTV Movie Awards (TV)
2005 MTV Movie Awards 2005 Pre-Show (TV)
2005 Sin City: The Premiere (TV)
2005 Hot Popcorn: Movie Awards Greatest Moments (TV)
2005 'Trippin' - Costa Rica (TV Episode)
2005 'Trippin' - Honduras (TV Episode)
2005 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards '05 (TV)
2005 'Last Call with Carson Daly' - Episode dated 1 April 2005 (TV Episode)
2004 'Last Call with Carson Daly' - Episode dated 23 February 2004 (TV Episode)
2005 'Late Show with David Letterman' - Episode dated 22 March 2005 (TV Episode)
2004 The Teen Choice Awards 2004 (TV)
2004 'Entourage' - The Review (TV Episode)
2004 'The View' - Episode dated 7 July 2004 (TV Episode)
2003 'The Sharon Osbourne Show' - Episode dated 5 December 2003 (TV Episode)
2003 'Rock Me Baby' - The Difference Between Men and Women (TV Episode)
2003 'Tinseltown TV' - Episode dated 27 September 2003 (TV Episode)
2003 MTV Video Music Awards 2003 (TV)
2003 The Teen Choice Awards 2003 (TV)
2003 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards '03 (TV)
2003 'Punk'd' - Episode #1.3 (TV Episode) (uncredited)
2003 The 54th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards (TV)
2002 The Teen Choice Awards 2002 (TV)
2002 'The Rosie O'Donnell Show'- Episode dated 25 April 2002 (TV Episode)
2001 'The Rosie O'Donnell Show'- Episode dated 12 November 2001 (TV Episode)
2001 'The Rosie O'Donnell Show'- Episode dated 12 February 2001 (TV Episode)
2002 'Rank' - 25 Toughest Stars (TV Episode)
2002 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards '02 (TV)
2002 The Teen Choice Awards 2001 (TV)

Jessica Alba - Quotes

I thought it was my job to give all the boys their first kiss.

I'm good at being sarcastic with guys. They don't want the quiet, prissy little things.

I've got cousins galore. Mexicans just spread all their seeds. And the women just pop them out.

Living in L.A., everyone likes to mold you and change you. I don't care about fame, I don't care about being a celebrity. I know that's part of the job, but I don't feed into anyone's idea of who I should be.

Most nights I end up wearing a wife beater T-shirt and boxers.

My theory is that if you look confident you can pull off anything - even if you have no clue what you're doing.

There's no such thing as a perfect guy. I think it would be strange if somebody was absolutely everything you always wanted, because then there'd be no challenge. Also, you'd feel inferior.

"My first kiss was when I was 7 and it was scandalous because he was 10!! I only did it so he would pick me on our neighborhood baseball team! And, at the time, I thought it was great, but then it sucked because he didn't even pick me!"

"Way too high maintenance to be in a relationship with an actor. I don't need a man who spends as much time in front of the mirror as me."

"The secret to using power is not to use it. Just having it is enough."

Full Name: Jessica Marie Alba
Nicknames: Sky Angel
Birth Date: April 28, 1981
Birth Place: Pomona, California, USA
Height: 5'7
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light Brown
Sign: Taurus
Education: Graduated high school at age 16, learned acting from the Atlantic Theater Company.
Profession: An American Actress
Fan Mail:
Chris Henze, MGR -
c/o Somers, Teitelbaum, David
1925 Century Park East, 2320
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Jessica Alba (Jessica Marie Alba) is an American actress. Born on April 28, 1981 in Pomona, California, she is popularly known for her role as Max Guevera in director James Cameron's Fox sci-fi TV series "Dark Angel".

At the age of 13, she made her debut with small role in "Camp Nowhere". Her first starring role was in TV series "Flipper" in 1995. Jessica's well known movies include "Never Been Kissed", "Idle Hands", "Sin City", "Honey", "Fantastic Four" and "Into the Blue".

Jessica's bigger role came in 2000 with Fox TV series "Dark Angel". It was her biggest work ever. She was rewarded by many awards including ALMA Awards, TV Guide Awards, Saturn Award and more for her role in "Dark Angel". She was voted 1st by FHM magazine in "FHM Sexiest 100 (2006)" and listed as "Best Female" by Star magazine. Jessica got third place on E's "101 Sexiest Bodies". Also becomes second place in Maxim magazine's "Hot 100 (2006)".

There are rumors around that Jessica is currently dating Cash Warren (Fantastic Four director's assistant) from Jan 2005. But Jessica publicly denied their relationship. Jessica was also engaged to her "Dark Angel" co-star Michael Weatherly for more than year.

Her upcoming movies are "Awake", "Bill", "Good Luck Chuck", "The Ten", "Sin City 2" and "Fantastic Four 2".

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