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jenny mccarthy kimdir ? jenny mccarthy biyografi
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jenny mccarthy

Jenny was born November 1, 1972, in Chicago, Illinois. Jenny is a well seasoned supermodel, television personality and actress. She is the second of four daughters born to a hard working, middle class family, her mother a housewife, and her father a steel mill foreman. Jenny grew up on the south side of Chicago and her father always worked overtime to send his girls to an expensive Catholic school. As a youngster, Jenny had the dream of becoming a Olivia Newton-John or Lynda Carter.

When Jenny was nine, she dressed in country-and-western attire, and with her grandmother's gargantuan sized bra stuffed with socks, she played Dolly Parton for Halloween. After graduating from high school, Jenny attended Southern Illinois University to study nursing. After two years of college, she decided to embark on a modeling career.

Jenny, being a believer in angels, looked to the sky and saw the Playboy building. She says that, "Something drew me there". My self-conscious was going, "no, no, no", but my inner drive was going, "Yes, Yes, Yes". Jenny delivered pictures of herself to Playboy. The editors liked what they saw and offered her $20,000 to pose for Miss October 1993. With this exposure, she won the Playmate of the Year, along with a $100,000 salary, and a bevy of promotional duties.

Jenny moved from her native Chicago to seek fame and fortune in the City of Angels. Jenny soon learned that auditions were hard to come by even for a Playmate, but her incessancy landed an interview at MTV. Fortunately, MTV's producers liked what they saw in Jenny, and she was hired to co-host "Singled Out", which debuted in the Summer of 1995.

Jenny's snappy banter and amusing facial expressions made her an overnight success. MTV was eager to keep her as host and came up with a whooping $500,000 one year contract that promoted her to full-fledged VJ. They also gave Jenny an opportunity to format the program to best suit her talents. Playboy, keen to further their relationship with Jenny, offered $500,000 for more nude pictures of the blonde beauty. It looks like this is one Playmate that won't be replaced for a long time.

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