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james brown kimdir ? james brown biyografi
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james brown

He is the hardest working man in showbusiness. Mr. Dynamite. The Minister of The New Super Heavy Funk. Ladies and gentlemen we bring you the much vaunted and much jailed Godfather of Soul James Brown. When it comes to getting on the good foot or indeed, taking it to the bridge, no artist has done it better or for longer. Want to know where sixites soul music started? Want to know about the origins of seventies funk? Or how his songs basically inspired the beginnings of rap music in the eighties? Then JB is your man. Without JB, no Prince, Parliament, Funkadelic or Michael Jackson.

Brown melded gospel fervour with the explosive intensity of R&B, combined it with a few elastic limbed dance moves and dynamic showmanship and single-handedly defined the direction of black music for years to come. He is, quite simply, Soul Brother Number One even at 71 years of age and those rather naff violent red flared trousers he often wears...

James Brown was born into poverty in Barnwell, South Carolina in 1933. His life story documents struggle after struggle. If Eastenders scriptwriters decided to use James' life in a storyline you'd say: "Come on, not even Dot Cotton has this much bad luck!"

As a child Brown picked cotton, danced for spare change and shined shoes. At 5 years of age he moved to his Aunt's brothel in Augusta, Georgia during which time he learned to play piano, drums and guitar. At 16 he was imprisoned for stealing and landed in reform school for three years where he met his future band leader Bobby Byrd. After his release, Brown tried his hand at boxing and baseball. But a leg injury caused him to give up the bat and pursue music full time. He eventually joined Byrd's gospel group The Gospel Starlighters who would eventually change their name to The Flames. (later the Famous Flames).

Brown quickly rose to prominence as the leader of the unofficially newly named James Brown Revue - the entourage was now complete with an Emcee, dancers and a stage band (the JB's). Brown was a hard taskmaster, fining band members for lateness and for missing a beat! He would sweat up to 7lbs a night (beating Rik Waller's stage record) and soon became a captivating performer who incorporated a mesmerising repertoire of spins, drops and stage shtick (such as feigning a collapse while a band member rushed to his aid with a cape).

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