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jack's mannequin kimdir ? jack's mannequin biyografi
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jack's mannequin

Hes the ethereal voice, songwriting powerhouse and full-contact keyboardist behind Something Corporate, the piano-rock quintet praised by one critic for its combination of intelligent lyrics, infectious melodies and killer piano. Now Andrew McMahon is taking something of a spring break from the band with which hes practically lived for the last four years in order to offer up an angst-flavored side project. In the guise of Jacks Mannequin comes Everything in Transit (release date: 8/23/05 on Maverick Records), a highly personal theme album by McMahon and collaborators. Its clear that, like his longtime band, McMahons latest venture defies an easy pigeonhole.

With Something Corporate on break, McMahon looked to bring the best of his songs together into a concept album exploring his alienating return to the hometown he left to pursue his music, and the dissolution of a long, meaningful relationship because of it. He brought his signature piano and distinctive tenor to the project, with vocals, bass and guitar offered by Something Corporate producer Jim Wirt, a friend and collaborator. McMahon and Wirt produced the album, which also features Bobby (Raw) Anderson on guitar, and Patrick Warren (whos worked with Fiona Apple, Macy Gray and Jon Brion) with organ, strings and arrangements. Mtley Cres Tommy Lee supplied live drums to complement samples by CJ Eiriksson, who also served as the albums engineer.

And what does Andrew McMahon hope to accomplish with Jacks Mannequin and Everything in Transit? A chance to vocalize a difficult period in his life, and to broaden his musical landscape. He also looks to bring fresh energy back to Something Corporate and to draw greater attention to the band. Given the musical density of this side project and his rise as a talented and iconoclastic performer, theres no doubt Andrew McMahon will be a magnet for audience attention no matter the musical platform.

Thanks to Alice for submitting the biography.

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