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iron maiden kimdir ? iron maiden biyografi
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iron maiden

Forget The Darkness. Iron Maiden could eat them for breakfast. With singer Bruce Dickinson now back in the fold, Iron Maiden can claim their rightful place as the most potent British heavy metal act of the last 20 years. Their sense of pomp and pageantry is peculiarly British. Live shows see them donning WW1 trench coats and death masks to dodge stage explosions while grim reapers march menacingly stage left. They are heavy metal's mystic hoodoo brought to life, embodying the cartoon caricature of violence and mayhem associated with the genre. Bring your daughter to the slaughter indeed, and don't forget to buy a tour t-shirt.

Bassist and songwriter Steve Harris formed the band in E. London in 1976 with guitarist Dave Murray, formerly of punk band Secret. Doug Sampson and singer Paul DiAnno completed the lineup. The band's name was taken from a medieval instrument of torture. The band's amphetamine-fuelled metal soon gained them a rabid local following and the following year they released a self-financed EP The Soundhouse Tapes. The tape came to the attention of DJ Neal Kay who sent them on a Heavy Metal Crusade tour at London's Music Machine. The resultant publicity led to a deal with EMI in 1979.

The band's debut single, the 150mph, take-no-prisoners, outlaw fantasy Running Free hit the UK Top 40 in 1980 and prompted a live appearance on Top Of The Pops. Refusing to mime, they became the first band since the Who in 1973 to play live on the show. The track was soon followed by a self-titled debut album which hit the UK Top 5.The album spawned further hits in Sanctuary and Women In Uniform.

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