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iggy pop ggy

Iggy Pop played out his career as a high-wire, freak show act. On stage our proto-punk hero would cut himself with razor blades, smear himself with peanut butter and goad the audience into pelting him with glass bottles. "Is that all ya got?" Iggy would often taunt after being smashed in the face with a flying bottle of Budweiser.

Iggy was born James Osterberg on 21 April, 1947 in Ann Arbor in Michigan. He grew up as a middle class teacher's son, unhappily living in a trailer park in Michigan. He began playing drums for local rock band The Iguanas (hence his nickname) and blues group the Prime Movers. In 1967 he formed The Stooges with himself as vocalist and high school friends and fellow misfits Dave Alexander (bass) and brothers Ron (guitar) and Scott Asheton, (drums). They bonded over British bands and began practising seriously together while sharing a house in Ann Arbor. Iggy was greatly influenced by Jim Morrison's stage presence while The Velvet Underground laid the seeds to the Stooges sound. Iggy was also influenced by John Sinclair, manager of fellow revoluitonary proto punkers MC5. Sinclair and his band had just moved to Ann Arbor and together they soaked up the improvised squalls of the emerging free jazz movements.

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