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house of heroes

Tim Skipper

Hello, I'm Timothy (J) Ryan Skipper. I was born in Columbus, OH (10/9/81) and have lived in the surrounding 'burbs ever since. Right now, I'm living in north Columbus with Colin and our bros, Matty and Brettikus. I'm still in the Marble and Granite business with my aussie mates and it's going very well. Recently, I started to attempt to get more "edukashun" at Columbus State Community College. Obviously, it's working well. To be honest, it just provides a bunch of unwanted stress I thought I left behind, so I'm not too into it. But maybe (hopefully) I'll get a degree someday. That's the future though, let's talk about the NOW. I love everything about being a part of this band. I love the music we've created and continue to create, but more importantly, I love the relationships we've formed with each other and our friends/fans. I really hope that something about us or our music can touch everyone who meets or listens to us. OK, couple more things quickly... I've been playing guitar for 8 or 9 years, I don't have a girlfriend right now, I love movies - Current top 5: Edward Scissorhands, Great Expectations, Vanilla Sky, The Usual Suspects, and The Sandlot. Danny Elfman is a genius, Joanna is someone that I miss, and the big JC of Naz is my personal saviour. Feel free to write me about absolutely anything.

Thanks and love, tim

AJ Babcock
i'm aj babcock. i'm 21 years old, i live in the lower west side of columbus, ohio. i go to church at the columbus vineyard, and have many wonderful friends there with whom i speand most of my time. i go to school at the ohio state university as well as columbus state community college when i'm not trying to live the rock and roll dream, but to tell you the truth, i could care less about school and might never go back wether we make any money or not, because i just don't believe that i need to go to college to be content with my life, even though high school teachers and councelors would have me think that way. but that's just me, parents, please don't write me any emails in response to that last comment. the reason i love being in this band is because we have become brothers over the years, and it's about so much more tham music for us. don't get me wrong, i love writing songs and playing out, but that's not what keeps a band together, it's love, and you don't really find that out untill you get in a band and go through some crap together. as far as the fans go, we have some of the greatest, coolest fans around, whom we consider our friends, not just fans. we owe you guys everything, because it is through you our voice gets heard, and because of you that we can keep doing this financially speaking, instead of wasting away at some lame job or college (not to say that all jobs and colleges are inherintly lame). as far as the most recent album goes, it's the best work we could do at the time, and i believe in it very much, and i believe the music has been blessed, as well as us for getting to play it. i also believe that many people will hear and like this album, because i believe in scott silletta, who would lay his very life on the line if it meant we got a break. o.k, that's my deal i guess, as always, thanks mom and dad, the big j.c. of naz, broskies, and what the crap, katie too.

Colin Rigsby
hey all you . i am colin and this is my bio. the majority of you who read this will most likely know a lot about me already. because you know me.whatev. so my name is colin mark rigsby. i was born in kentucky and grew up here in ohio pretty much. i like living in columbus. but i will probly end up somewhere else eventually. i , lets see...i work most of the week at restaurant.com. paying the bills. with my time other than that i am with all my freinds. i live with tim and our freinds matt and brett. on weekends we go out and eat and see movies and shows, and sometimes we play shows, and those are good weekends. i love to hang with my girlfriend michelle. we like to go to coffee shops and book stores and hang out. i like going shopping with her too. i love playing the drums. i really need to practice more though. i really like our new album, but i wish i was a better drummer so i could do a lot of wicked unnecessary fills. but i really hope you like our new music. everyone who's heard it so far seems to. what else. i really love tattoo art. i collect it as much as my budget and time provides, and i would like to maybe someday learn to tattoo other people. uhm, i don't go to school like those other two squares. i feel busy as it is. but i'm not really, and i like it that way. i hate stress. anyway. feel free to email me anytime, and talk about whatev. i want to know what people think of our album. so talk. alright, be cool. be loving. and don't forget to go buy our album when it comes out on new years eve! later.

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