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hilary swank kimdir ? hilary swank biyografi
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hilary swank

Hilary Ann Swank was born on 30 July, 1974 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Swank spent much of her childhood near Lake Samish in Bellingham, Washington with family until16. As a child, Swank spent much of her childhood in learning athletic. She was competed in the Junior Olympics and the Washington State championships in swimming. She was ranked 5th in gymnastics.

Swank's parent was separated, when she was 15 years old. At 16, Hilary and her mother moved to Los Angeles, California to pursue career in acting. Hilary first performed when she was nine. It was a stage show, where she played a role of Mowgli in "The Jungle Book".

While moved to Los Angeles, Swank attended South Pasadena High School and also started acting professionally. At her early career, Hilary appeared in television programs "Evening Shade" and "Growing Pains" (1991-92).

Swank's debut film was "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" with small role in 1992. After her debut appeared in two ABC shows "Camp Wilder" (1992-93) and "Leaving L.A." (1997). Swank's next film was "The Next Karate Kid" in 1994, where she played a role of Julie Pierce as a karate kid. It was the first female protg of the legendary sensei Mr. Miyagi.

On September 28, 1997 Swank married actor Chad Lowe. They first met at the Hollywood Athletic Club party in 1992. Also both of them are members of AGAPE Spiritual Center in Culver City, California. Now the couple is not together, they get separated in January 2006, while filed for divorce in May 2006.

Later Swank appeared in many minor films and did a 16 episode (year-long) of TV series "Beverly Hills 90210 (1997-1998)" as a single mother Carly Reynolds. It was promised to her that her role would be of two-year long, but ended after it 16 episodes. Swank was totally overwhelmed by her cut from the show and said, "If I'm not good enough for 90210, I'm not good enough for anything."

But Swank's future was waiting with a big surprise for her. In 1999, Swank was starred in Kimberly Peirce's "Boys Don't Cry", where she played a role of a troubled transgender Teena Brandon. For her performance in "Boys Don't Cry", both Academy Award and Golden Globe Award awarded Actress Swank as Best Actress.

In 2000, Swank was casted in Sam Raimi's "The Gift", where played a role of an abused wife. In 2001, appeared in a "The Affair of the Necklace" (2001) with lead role as a French noblewoman. In 2002, Swank played a role of a rookie detective in "Insomnia" with Al Pacino and Robin Williams. In 2003, Swank appeared in sci-fi thriller "The Core" alongside Aaron Eckhart.

In 2003, also appeared in HBO's "Iron Jawed Angels" which featured Swank, Anjelica Houston, and Frances O'Connor as leaders in the women's suffrage movement. Later appeared in a South African-born attorney in Tom Hooper's political drama "Red Dust". Although Iron Jawed Angels and Red Dust both failed to impress audiences.

In 2004, Swank was casted in Clint Eastwood's "Million Dollar Baby", where she played a role of Maggie Fitzgerald as a struggling waitress turned-boxer. For her stunning performance in this film, Swank owns another Academy Award as a Best Actress. By winning her second Oscar, Swank became one of the few actresses who were nominated twice and won both times. Also became the third youngest double Academy Award winner as Best Actress.

Swank's 2006 projects include "The Reaping" and "The Black Dahlia". Swank is now working on her new projects including "Freedom Writers (2007)" and "P.S., I Love You (2008)". By 28 Feb 2006, Swank selected as muse and the spokesperson for a women's fragrance "Guerlain".

Hilary Swank - Actress Filmography
Year Movie Name Role
2008 P.S., I Love You Holly
2007 Freedom Writers -
2006 The Reaping Katherine Winter
2006 The Black Dahlia Madeleine Sprague
2005 "Saturday Night Live" - Episode #30.13 (TV Episode) Host
2004 Million Dollar Baby Maggie Fitzgerald
2004 Red Dust Sarah Barcant
2004 Iron Jawed Angels (TV) Alice Paul
2003 11:14 Buzzy
2003 The Core Maj. Rebecca Childs
2002 The Space Between -
2002 Insomnia Detective Ellie Burr
2001 The Affair of the Necklace Jeanne St. Remy de Valois
2000 The Gift Valerie Barksdale
2000 The Audition -
1999 Boys Don't Cry Brandon Teena
1998 Heartwood Sylvia Orsini
1990 "Beverly Hills, 90210" (TV Series) Carly Reynolds
1997 Quiet Days in Hollywood Lolita
1997 The Sleepwalker Killing (TV) Lauren Schall
1997 "Leaving L.A." (TV Series) Tiffany Roebuck
1997 Dying to Belong (TV) Lisa Connors
1996 Sometimes They Come Back... Again Michelle Porter
1996 Terror in the Family (TV) Deena Martin
1996 Kounterfeit Colleen
1994 The Next Karate Kid Julie Pierce
1994 Cries Unheard: The Donna Yaklich Story (TV) Patty
1992 "Camp Wilder" (TV Series) Danielle
1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer Kimberly Hannah
1992 "Growing Pains" - Menage a Luke (TV Episode) Sasha Serotsky
1991 "Growing Pains" - There Must Be a Pony (TV Episode) Sasha Serotsky
1990 "Evening Shade" TV Series Aimee #1
1991 "Harry and the Hendersons" - Harry Goes Ape (TV Episode) -
1990 "ABC TGIF" (TV Series) Danielle

Hilary Swank - Producer Filmography

Year Movie Name Role
2007 Freedom Writers Executive producer
2006 Beautiful Ohio Producer
2005 "Celebrity Charades" (TV Series) Executive producer
2003 11:14 Executive producer

Hilary Swank - Quotes

"I grew up in a trailer park in Bellingham, Washington."

"I haven't tucked a sock in my pants for three years."

"I don't know what I did in this life to deserve all of this. I'm just a girl from a trailer park who had a dream."

"I'm only twenty-seven, and I'm not easy to pigeonhole. But if you need to do that, if it makes you feel comfortable, okay, fine."

"I can remember crying on the set of Beverly Hills 90210 after being released from the show a few years ago."

"The truth is, after Boys Don't Cry, I realized how few and far between the great roles are. I am beyond thankful for finding Million Dollar Baby."

"One thing I've learned - You never know where life is taking you, but it's taking you."

"Being a teenager was a horrid time."

"I used the subway all the time. It's my form of transportation, ... because it's quick. It's inexpensive."

"I could do half a pull-up when I first started training, ... I literally, I tried to pull myself up, and I was shaking. And I couldn't do it. And I couldn't believe it. I thought, you know, and as a kid, you had, doing pull-ups and stuff. And then when I was done, I could do 11."

"I had to fight my whole life to break out."

"[She didn't tell Eastwood what had happened.] I didn't tell Clint, because in the end, that's what happens to boxers, ... They get blisters, they get infected. They have injuries and they keep pushing through it."

"I ended up dropping out of high school. I'm a high school dropout, which I'm not proud to say, ... I had some teachers that I still think of fondly and were amazing to me. But I had other teachers who said, 'You know what? This dream of yours is a hobby. When are you going to give it up?' I had teachers who I could tell didn't want to be there. And I just couldn't get inspired by someone who didn't want to be there."

"In terms of property damage, ... the estimate is at least $26 billion in insured losses and perhaps twice that in uninsured losses over a 90,000-square-mile area - approximately the size of Kansas."

Birth Date: July 30, 1974
Birth Place: Lincoln, Nebraska
Height: 5' 7"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Sign: Leo
Education: South Pasadena High School, South Pasadena, California
Santa Monica City College, Santa Monica, California
Profession: An American actress
Fan Mail:
C/O Untitled Entertainment
331 North Maple Drive, 2nd Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Hilary Swank is a American actress with Spanish Native American descent. Hilary was born on July 30, 1974 in Lincoln, Nebraska, spent much of her childhood in Bellingham, Washington, while moved to Los Angeles at 16, to pursue career in acting.

Swank landed her first film with a small role in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in 1992. Since then Swank appeared in many TV shows and in many films. Hilary is best known as a double Oscar winner (Best Actress) actress of "Boys Don't Cry" and "Million Dollar Baby".

Before her break into films Hilary appeared in TV shows "Evening Shade" and "Growing Pains". While her first acting performance (at age 9) was as Mowgli on stage show "The Jungle Book". Swank's well known movies include "The Next Karate Kid (1994)", "The Gift (2001)", "The Affair of the Necklace (2001)", "Insomnia (2002)", "The Core (2003)", "Iron Jawed Angels"(2003)", "Red Dust", "The Reaping (2006)", and "The Black Dahlia (2006)".

Swank is now working on projects "Freedom Writers (2007)" and "P.S., I Love You (2008). Swank recently selected as a muse and the spokesperson for a women's fragrance "Guerlain".

Swank married actor Chad Lowe in 1997, but as of now they are not together. Recently in May 2006, they have filed for divorce.

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