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helena paparizou kimdir ? helena paparizou biyografi
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helena paparizou

Elena Paparizou was born on January 31, 1982 in Gothenburg, Vstra Gtalands ln (Sweeden) to parents Volos and Karditsa [Giorgos and Froso].Her parents were of Greek ancestry and moved to Greece when she was a teenager. Because of her background, she was brought in a uniquely culturally diverse atmosphere.

She took an early liking to performing and began singing and dancing while she was a young child.

In 1999, at the age of seventeen, she formed the band Antique with her childhood friend Nikos Panaiotidis and quickly signed a contract with a record label (Bonnier, a Swiss label).They went right to work and released their first album that year Opa Opa (Mera Me Ti Mera alternate name). The single, Opa Opa, became an instant fan favorite and went to #1 on the European pop charts.

In 2001, the band participated in the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen representing Greece, and came in a very respectable third place.Their song, I Would Die For You was also released as a single, and an album with the same name.Both did very well on the music charts (the single went double platinum).

After a tremendous European tour, Antique released two albums in 2002, Me Logia Ellinika and Alli Mia Fora (Blue Love = English Title) and both did very well in the Greek and European markets.

In 2003, Helena decided to pursue her own career and signed with Sony Music as a solo artist and releases her first single in December entitled Anapandeetes Klisis (English = Missed Calls), which quickly went gold.

During the first half of 2004, she opened up for legendary Greek singer Antonis Remos at Studio Pireos night club where she learned to refine her style and showmanship under his tutorage. Later that year, she released her smashing debut album Protereotita (English = Priorities), which was well received by her fans.That winter and early into the following year, she performed at the Fever Music night club, where she appeared along side other great Greek singers such as Sakis Rouvas and Giorgos Mazonakis.

In 2005, she represented Greece again at the 50th Annual Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, Ukrain. Competing against 23 other contestants, she came in first place singing My Number One.Winning this prestigious has only increased her fame and fan base even more.She released the song as a single and then re-released Proteriotita in Europe with a bonus CD, including My Number One.

Helena is working on her next album, and is also an official ambassador for the Greek Ministry of Tourism.

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