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heather graham

Birth Name
Heather Joan Graham
Date of birth (location)
29 January 1970
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA


Blue-eyed and angelic, with delicate doll-like features and long wavy mermaid blonde hair, actress Heather Graham has often played the bad girl who steals the audience's heart, her innocent looks in juxtaposition with her onscreen antics helping to make her an unpredictable and especially compelling presence.

After debuting with a strong performance as a drunken dream girl in 1988's silly "License to Drive" (a vehicle for the Coreys--Feldman and Haim), Graham was hired by director Gus Van Sant for his gripping "Drugstore Cowboy" (1989). Her performance as a young and doomed addict won praise and notice for this veteran of small TV parts (e.g., two 1987 episodes of the ABC sitcom "Growing Pains") as well as a Best Actress nomination from the Independent Spirit Awards.

The following year saw Graham take on the recurring role of Annie, an ex-nun who becomes the love interest of Kyle MacLachlan's Agent Cooper, in David Lynch's always strange series "Twin Peaks" (ABC). In 1991, she took on a more conventional role as a college student with parental difficulties in the unimpressive 1950s set musical drama "Shout". She returned to television that year with a starring role alongside Josh Hamilton and Anne Heche, as the young version of Jessica Lange's character in "O Pioneers!" for CBS. After reprising her role of Annie in the incoherent "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me" (1992) the actress appeared in "Diggstown" (also 1992) and "Six Degrees of Separation" (1993), both roles playing up Graham's fresh-faced innocence. She went on to bide her time in features like the poorly received "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" and the little-seen independent drama "Desert Winds" (both 1994).

Graham had a small part in the acclaimed "Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle" (also 1994), and took the starring role in the direct-to-video release "Toughguy/Terrified" (1995), before offering a memorable supporting turn as Lorraine, a swing dancing beauty who is able to pull Jon Favreau's heartbroken Mike out of his funk in 1996's "Swingers". This role helped to re-establish Graham, who was next seen in 1997's celebrated "Boogie Nights" as Rollergirl, a young porn star who is never without her skates. Graham's energetic portrayal of Rollergirl, the 'daughter' of the film's surrogate family setup, conveyed a surprising and touching innocence and humor, with her uncharacteristic brutal attack on a high school tormentor near the film's end serving as a particularly well-acted dramatic highlight.

She followed this attention-grabbing performance with a cameo in "Scream 2", playing Drew Barrymore's character from the original in "Stab", the slasher film-within-a-slasher film. Also in 1997, Graham co-starred with Natasha Gregson Wagner and Robert Downey Jr. in "Two Girls and a Guy", a real-time look at a wandering boyfriend, and the confrontation between him and two of his misled lovers. She was a shining part of the otherwise disappointing film, and the eye-flashing ferocity unleashed in her scenes with Downey proved her more than just a pretty face.

After the overt sexuality of her last two starring efforts, Graham went studious as Dr. Judy Robinson in the feature adaptation of "Lost in Space" (1998), spurning the advances of Matt LeBlanc and outfitted from wrist to ankle in modest astro-jumpsuits. In 1999 she reached her largest audience, co-starring as Felicity Shagwell, 1960s CIA agent in the blockbuster sequel "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me". Decked out in risque mod-meets-flower child gear and purring memorably cheeky lines such as "Shagwell by name, shag very well by reputation", Graham's sweet and sultry presence was the perfect swinging counterpart to Mike Myers' Powers.
She followed up with a role in the comedy "Bowfinger" (also 1999), starring alongside Steve Martin (who also penned the script) and Eddie Murphy as a young Hollywood hopeful, fresh from Ohio who dates her way to the top, only to break the heart of her last conquest (Martin) when she leaves him to cash in on the precarious lesbian chic with a powerful Tinseltown woman. Her character's similarity to Graham's previous co-star (and Martin's former love interest) Anne Heche sparked much speculation. In 2000, Graham starred opposite Luke Wilson as an abandoned wife on a mission to keep her vows, seeking out her husband on a whirlwind road trip in "Committed", a film featuring a cast with dozens of young up and coming actors and hip musicians.

2001 proved to be a solid year for Graham, who starred in the indie romantic comedy "Sidewalks of New York" opposite Ed Burns. Also in 2001, perhaps unwisely, Graham jumped on the teen gross-out train with the gigantic flop "Say It Isn't So." While the movie was produced by the legendary Farrelly brothers, it lacked any kind of a comic spark and was one of a few disasters signalling the end of the repulsive comedy genre. Graham's reputation, however, remained intact after this small misstep, and she was cast as Whitechapel prostitute Mary Kelly in the Hughes brothers' film adaptation of the Jack the Ripper comic book "From Hell" (2001) opposite Johnny Deep. The actress equated herself well, although saddled with a faux British accent and improbably ravishing for a destitute whore in 1880s London. She next starred in the thriller "Killing Me Softly" (2002) opposite Joseph Fiennes and co-starred in the Indian-themed romantic comedy "The Guru" (2003), with up-and-coming actor Jimi Mistry, where she was cast again as a porn star--although this role was much lighter in tone.

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