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heather graham kimdir ? heather graham biyografi
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heather graham

Heather Graham was born January 29, 1970, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Heather is a rising star actress, sexy model and celebrity screen performer. Heather attended her first elementary school in Virginia, where she still has very fond memories, particularly of the landscape and people.

Her father worked for the FBI and the family relocated quite often. After having been shuffled around, Heather attended Sumac Elementary. Shortly after that, she attended a school called Lindero Canyon Middle School. Heather attended Agoura High School, and had a hard time making friends, since she was always relocating before she had a chance to develop serious friendships.

While studying at Agoura, Heather was teased because she was a quiet girl and she wasn't fully developed physically. Heather was even considered a theater geek by her peers. Heather was considered "uncool" at Agoura High School, and her family life became increasingly stressful as she began to follow her dream of becoming an actress. Her mother would drive her to Hollywood for screen auditions, and the tension began mounting. Heather eventually stopped communicating with them altogether. Heather was relieved to have finally graduated from Agoura.

Heather soon realized that she couldn't support herself by acting alone, so she decide to enroll at the University of California, in Los Angeles. There she majored in English, but after two years, she dropped out to try again at making a name for herself acting.

Heather's start as an actress wasn't glamorous, as most actors aren't. She went from odd job to odd job. She eventually landed various roles and bit parts in movies such as "License To Drive", and the critically acclaimed "Drugstore Cowboy". Heather also appeared on the TV screen in the popular television drama "Twin Peaks".

Heather finally got her big break in 1997, and she would not soon be forgotten. She played "Roller girl", a young porn actress who constantly wore roller-skates everywhere she went, in the true story of renowned porn actor John Holmes' life entitled "Boogie Nights".

Heather presently has lucrative modeling contracts with Emanuel Ungaro. Additionally, Heather has starred in several big budget films including "Lost In Space", "The Spy Who Shagged Me", with Austin Powers, and "Bowfinger", which stars Eddie Murphy and Steve Martin. It is very likely that we will be seeing more of this swinging sensation as she makes her way up the Hollywood ladder. Heather is a very sexy and talented actress and all woman.

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