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harrison ford kimdir ? harrison ford biyografi
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harrison ford

Birthday: 13.07.1942
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Occupation: Actor
Sign: Cancer
Death date: N/A
Death reason: N/A

Harrison Ford has starred in some of the biggest movie blockbusters of all time, including the first "Star Wars" trilogy and the "Indiana Jones" franchise, making him one of the most successful box office stars in cinema history. In February 2000, Ford received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Film Institute. He had previously earned Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for his performance in Peter Weir's acclaimed drama ...

Big was born July 13, 1942, in Chicago, Illinois, to an Irish Catholic father and a Russian Jewish mother.

Growing up in the Illinois suburb of Des Plaines, young Harry (as he was referred to as a child) did not share the rugged, adventurous, heroic characteristics that he shares with most of his onscreen characters. While his high school years at Maine Township High were better, Ford was the scrawny, nerdy little boy that was a common target of neighborhood bullies.

Although Ford had no direction in life, not to mention no motivation to learn, he continued in his studies and attended Ripon College, in Wisconsin. A conservative school with high expectations, Ford felt claustrophobic and not ready to conform to the College's rigidity.

A below average student, Ford took an acting class to try raising his grade point average. This didn't help since Ford was kicked out of Ripon just weeks before graduation -- but the acting classes did serve another purpose...they gave Ford a glimmer of direction in his life.

With a summer stock-theatre job on his resume and a new wife by his side (Ford married his college sweetheart, Mary Marquardt), Ford left for Los Angeles with the hopes of pursuing an acting career.

Once in LA, Ford received bit parts in television series such as The Virginian and Ironside, but this was not keeping him busy nor was it paying the bills. He took a job as a carpenter with the task of building a recording studio for Brazilian composer Sergio Mendes.

Producers and directors told Ford that he did not have what it takes to be an actor, but he did have a knack for carpentry and taught himself about it with the help of a library book he borrowed.

And then began the relationship with director George Lucas. Ford was offered a role in the film American Graffiti, but passed it up when he learned his salary was not half as big as what he was earning as a carpenter. When he was offered a slight pay raise, he finally accepted the role.

This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, which led to his historical role as Han Solo in Star Wars. Ford actually only ended up reading for the part when he was helping Francis Ford Coppola build an entrance in his office, where the Star Wars auditions were being held.

After his work in Star Wars, Ford performed in another star-turning role, this time for directors Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, in none other than the first installment of the Indiana Jones series, Raiders of the Lost Ark. In 1982, Ford took on a role in yet another cult classic, Ridley Scott's Blade Runner.

With dramatic roles in films such as Presumed Innocent, Regarding Henry, Patriot Games, The Fugitive, Clear and Present Danger, The Devil's Own, and Air Force One (to name just a few), it's no wonder Ford is one of the most respected actors of his time.

Although 7 of Ford's films are among the top grossing films of all time, he has never actually won an Academy Award. He was recognized for his work in the 1985 drama Witness with a Best Actor Oscar nomination and has received a slew of prestigious awards, such as The Spencer Tracy Award at UCLA in 1994, NATO/ShoWest Star of the Century in 1994, as well as the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 22nd Annual Saturn Awards.

Revered as a sex symbol by women worldwide, the person behind the most beloved heroes in film's history is regarded as an excellent actor by both sexes. As an aging leading man, Big continues to preserver. He has shown that he can still be sexy over 40. He is always at his best as an everyman grappling with extraordinary circumstances, which is why he appeals to so many of us-and will continue to do so for years to come.

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