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haifa wehbe kimdir ? haifa wehbe biyografi
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haifa wehbe

Haifa Wehbe (also spelled Haifaa Wehbe, Haifa Wahbi, Hayfa Wehbeh, Hayfa Wehbi) is a Lebanese musician and sex-symbol who took the Arab world by storm after the release of her first album Howa el-Zaman (It is time).

Born on March 10, 1970. Haifa grew up in the capital city of Beirut listening to jazz and R&B. She became a model at a very young age and won the title of "Miss South Lebanon" at age sixteen. She later participated in the national Miss Lebanon pageant and won the title of second-runner up. However her title was soon revoked once it became revealed that she was married and had a daughter, Zaza.

In the late 1990s, a sex scandal erupted about her and she tried to defend herself on a popular TV show on Tlvision de Liban. Unfortunately, her attempt turned out to be unsuccessful as and she decided to take a long hiatus away from the media and public attention. She had hoped her absence would allow time for people to forgive and forget about her situation.

As some time passed, she released her first album as a singer, titled "Howa el-Zaman" which surprised many people given the low expectations. Her success was attributed more so to her beauty than her vocal talent. Although she is not widely regarded as a talented singer, she is famous for her performing abilities and seen by many to be one of the prettiest women in Lebanon. Despite her unexpected success, Haifa remained the focus of many Lebanese tabloids and countless popular jokes were made about her.

Her second album "Badi 'Aish" ("I want to live") was released in 2005 and is living up to expectations. She remains popular among Lebanon's youth and makes countless television appearances. She has certainly cemented herself in Lebanese popular culture as the ultimate sex symbol.

In July 2005, Haifa, along with 14 other celebrities from the Arab world, began airing the live pan-Arab reality show series "Al Wadi", based on the French reality show "La Ferme Celebrites". The show aired for three months, 24/7. It was critically acclaimed and won over many harsh critics. The show featured weekly live performances in which Haifa played a central role singing songs from her new album.

Recently, she announced her engagement to a Saudi businessman, Tariq Al-Jaffali, surprising many people. Rumors about the gifts he offered her began to circulate immediately. However, after only a few weeks, her fiance abruptly called off the engagement for reasons that were not made public. It was reported that Haifa was terribly upset over the situation and that his family pressured him to not marry her. In late 2005 Pepsi announced that Haifa would be the new face of the company. In early 2006 Haifa started work on her new album that will be released later this year.

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