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guns and roses kimdir ? guns and roses biyografi
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guns and roses

In an era when the poodle haired rock of Poison, Europe, Hanoi Rocks and Motley Crue ruled the airwaves, Guns N' Roses provided the grittier alternative. They emerged in the mid '80s from the sleazy clubs on LA's Sunset Strip led by volatile, sandpaper-tonsilled singer Axl Rose and guitarists Slash and Izzy Stradlin spitting out testosterone-fulled guitar riffs. The band's influential debut album, 1987's Appetite For Destruction, provided a shot in the arm to rock music. The album laid the rest of the LA hairspray pack to waste and remains a vivid portrayal of the claustophobic seediness of the LA metal scene. It still sells almost 9,000 copies a week in the US. The band were sleazy, violent, misogynist and refreshingly honest. And they looked like they'd never once used lacquer in their hair...

Indiana born Rose (born William Bruce Rose, 6 Feb, 1962) had played in bands as a teenager and moved to LA in 1983 to link up with Stradlin (born Jeff Isbell). The pair formed a band called Hollywood Rose with other local musicians but it was short-lived and Rose eventually became the frontman for LA Guns. Meanwhile Slash (born Saul Hudson), drummer Seven Adler and bassist Duff McKagan hooked up together to form Road Crew. By 1985 Rose, Stradlin and McKagan had formed an early incarnation of Guns n Roses (the name was taken from the two bands Rose had performed in, Hollywood Rose and La Guns.) Slash and Adler would later join to form the original Roses lineup.

The band quickly gained a following after scoring gigs at infamous LA clubs like the Whiskey A Go-Go, the Roxy and the Troubador. At the time the big haired, glam/metal scene was dominated by the pouty, poodle rockers Poison. But record scouts noticed something unique and original in Guns N' Roses and after releasing an EP, Live, Like A Suicide, they were signed to major label Geffen in 1986.

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