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green day kimdir ? green day biyografi
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green day

Green Day filled a post Nirvana misery vacuum with their retro-punk anthems. Songs like Geek Stink Breath and Brain Stew, helped them become official spokesmen for all teenage male matters, (see masturbation, smoking dope, farting and er, chicks, dude!). Like fellow cartoon punkers The Offspring and Blink 182, Green Day, through a series of catchy, punk-retread albums remained in this state of arrested development for several years. And then came 2004's album American Idiot, their most ambitious offering to date, a full-on rock opera that attacked George Bush, the "age of paranoia", America's invasion of Iraq and the suffocating age of consumerism. Phew! "I was ready to fail. I was ready to fall flat on my face," said lead singer Billy Joe Armstrong. Instead, Green Day became the biggest band in the world...

Green Day began life as Sweet Children, a band formed by singer Billy Joe Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt at school in Rodeo, California when they were 14. Drummer Tre Cool (aka Frank Edwin Wright III) joined from the band, The Lookouts.

Billy Joe Armstrong's dad had died when he was 10 years old. He felt stifled and unhappy and turned to the city's music scene for some kind of release. The band called themselves Green Day in memory of a marathon weed smoking session. In 1989 the band released its first EP independently. 1,000 Hours was well received by the California underground punk scene. Soon the group had signed a contract with a local independent label, Lookout. Their first album, 1,039 /Smoothed Out Slappy Hour, recorded in just 24 hours, was released later that

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