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girls aloud

Despite coming together as a shameless marketing ploy, Girls Aloud have survived, avoiding Hear'Say style ignominy by dint of some wonderfully addictive pop tunes and a certain charm.

The girls, Nadine Coyle, Cheryl Tweedy, Sarah Harding, Nicola Roberts, and Kimberley Walsh, came together after an audience vote selected them as the winning girl group in 2002 reality TV series, Popstars: The Rivals. The show adopted a new twist on the Popstars theme, picking opposing boy and girl bands to battle it out in the UK charts, with pop svengali Louis Walsh in charge of the girls while doddery old pop supremo Pete Waterman was in charge of the boys (One True Voice). Waterman's group sank without trace after their debut single, Sacred Trust, failed to make it to No.1 but the girls%u2019 career proved to have legs, in every sense of the word. Their debut single, Sound Of The Underground, was released in December 2002 and stayed at No.1 in the UK charts for four weeks. The single's mock-a-billy beat and attitudinal power-pop stance made a refreshing change from the usual manufactured pap.
After a short break, the girls returned in 2003 to tour with One True Voice. But the tour was cancelled due to poor ticket sales. A factor manager Louis Walsh blamed on their counterparts. "Being associated with One True Voice was not doing them any favours," he said. Despite that, the girls pressed on with the recording of their debut album, Sound Of The Underground and in March, prior to release of the album, released a new single, No Good Advice which reached No.2 in the UK charts. The album followed in May. To many critics' surprise it was a surprisingly adept collection of electro pop with tracks like Love Bomb and Stop repeating the energetic formula of their first two singles to great effect. The public agreed and the album debuted at No.2 in the UK album charts.
Two more singles followed that year, the ballad Life Got Cold, which reached No.3 in the charts and Jump, an aimless cover of The Pointer Sisters song, which featured on the soundtrack to the 2003 film, Love Actually. It reached No.3 in the charts, helping to buoy sales of the debut album which went platinum after a re-issue at the end of the year. However 2003 didn't end without some controversy. Earlier in the year Cheryl Tweedy was convicted of assaulting a toilet attendant, Sophie Amogbokpa, at a nightclub. Tweedy was sentenced to community service. The victim had claimed the attack was racially motivated, but the singer was acquitted of the charge.

2004 saw the girls consolidate their success. A single, The Show, entered the charts at No.2 as did the irrepressibly hummable follow up, Love Machine, which was also nominated as ITV's Record Of The Year. (It was eventually beaten by Busted's Thunderbirds Are Go). But the girls bounced back with their next single, a cover of The Pretenders' classic, I'll Stand By You. Released towards the end of November, the song was the official single of the 2004 Children In Need Appeal. In the same month the girls released their second album, What Will The Neighbours Say. Produced by the UK songwriting team, Xenomania, the album consolidated the girl's position as feisty female pop entertainers. As well as the singles The Show and Love Machine there was another Pretenders cover with I'll Stand by You. And although the girls are often criticised for not writing their own songs, the album featured band-writing credits for five of the songs. The album entered the charts at No.6 and went platinum within a month, selling over 500,000 copies in the UK. The success of the album led to the band announcing a tour for 2005.

Confident, sexy and generally fun to be around, by the start of 2005 the band were at the height of their fame, picking up awards for sexiest women, a Glamour magazine gong for Band Of The year and a Brit Awards nomination. Band member Cheryl Tweedy was a constant presence in the tabloids thanks to her relationship with Arsenal footballer Ashley Cole. (The pair are currently engaged). The girls' eighth single, Wake Me Up, was released in February 2005 and charted at number 4, continuing their string of top five singles.
After a short break following a sell-out UK tour, the band released a new single, Long Hot Summer in August 2005. It reached No.7 in the UK charts and became the group's ninth consecutive Top 10 hit. Cue the release of a calendar, official book and live tour DVD. A follow-up single, the weirdly compelling Biology, followed it in November 2005 and in December the girls released their third album, Chemistry. Produced again by pop darlings Xenomania the album was quirky, modern and dripping with attitude. The girls ripped through a vareity of styles and paces, whether it was mock-a-billy, rap or pure pop, the album was a perfect representation of the girls strutting attitude. For now, the future looks good. The girls have managed to resuscitate pop's corpse by marryng chart-friendly melodies to avant garde sounds. Forget The Pussycat Dolls faux risque pop. For now at least, Girls Aloud seem to be the real deal.

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