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foo fighters kimdir ? foo fighters biyografi
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foo fighters

Kurt Cobain's Nirvana (completed by bassist Krist Noveselic and latterly, drummer Dave Grohl), arguably altered the course of popular music with the unexpected global success of their 1991 breakthrough album, Nevermind. Propelled by rebellious hacksaw riffs, soaring choruses and the basic quiet/loud template that would serve 'alt rock' for years to come, Nevermind replaced Michael Jackson's Dangerous at the top of the US charts in 1992 and defined the musical mood of the '90s.

By the time of Kurt Cobain's suicide in April, 1994, Nirvana had become the most significant rock band in the world and Cobain's death was headline news. Grohl had joined the band after replacing original drummer Chad Channing in 1990.

Grohl, born in Ohio on 14 Jan, 1969, had begun playing guitar and writng songs in his early teens, as well as performing with a variety of hardcore bands. In the late '80s, Grohl joined Washington DC hardcore punk band Scream as their drummer. When Scream broke up, Grohl called a friend of his who also knew Kurt Cobain and told him Nirvana were interviewing drummers. Grohl was asked to join and would soon become part of musical history.

Since Cobain's death, Grohl has always been uncomfortable speaking about Nirvana's legacy and Cobain in particular. "I'm not comfortable with being the voice of Nirvana," Grohl told Q magazine in 2003. I was like, their sixth drummer! When I think of Nirvana I think of Krist Noveselic, man, he's the one. I'm not comfortable being the voice of Nirvana because I never really was."

Following Cobain's death, Grohl took time off before returning to a cassette of songs he'd worked on with his friend, Barrett Jones. In the latter part of 1994 Grohl and Jones booked time in a professional studio and recorded the album that would become the Foo Fighters' debut. Some songs stretched back to his Scream days. Boiling down his backlog of songs, Grohl played every instrument on the album. He made 100 copies of the tape and passed it out to friends but in no time, Grohl's solo project became the subject of a fierce record-company bidding war.

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