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fatboy slim kimdir ? fatboy slim biyografi
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fatboy slim

With the possible exception of David Byrne, Fatboy Slim (aka Norman Cook) is the only grey-haired man in the world allowed to have Top 10 dance hits. Together with a similarly ageing turntable mafia (Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Tenaglia and Carl Cox), fortysomething Norm has helped turned dance music from a cottage industry into a multi-million pound enterprise. A standard bearer for big beat, Norm has specialised in taking little known soul tunes, sprinkling them with turntable magic and turning them into worldwide hits like Praise You and Rockafella Skank. Norm is the hawaiian shirt wearing, block rocking hedonist DJ. As well as an obligatory bottle of vodka, Norm now travels to his DJ engagements with the aid of a a masseuse since his spine became permanently slanted to the right - a result of him always wearing his headphones with head cocked to the right. As Norm says, this DJ lark, "it takes its toll!" Superstar DJ? He-ere we go...

The alias Fatboy Slim started as a fun side project when Norm wanted to help out his mate, Damien Harris, boss of Brighton based dance label, Skint. But within a few years the Fatboy would become, well, a Fat phenomenon, with the album You've Come A Long Way Baby selling 5m copies worldwide and turning him into the world's biggest dance artist.

Cook's early career as nerdy bassist in The Housemartins made him the least likely person to become a superstar DJ. Cook joined the Hull based group in 1986, replacing founding member Ted Key. Led by vocalist Paul Heaton, who would later form The Beautiful South, the band were precursors of Brit pop with their shiny, happy melodies and PC, right-on messages. When the band split in 1987 Cook became involved with the burgeoning acid-house scene, pairing with producers Tim Jeffery and JC Reid in 1989 to form Pizzaman. Together the trio enjoyed three Top 40 hits (Trippin On Sunshine, Sex On The Streets and Happiness) before Cook splintered off to record with similarly styled outfits Freakpower (Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out was a hit in 1993) and Beats International (Dub Be Good To Me was a No.1 in 1990) With the demise of these dance collectives (and The Mighty Dub Katz - anyone remember 1996's Just Another Groove? No, thought not) Cook decided to go solo.

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