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famke janssen kimdir ? famke janssen biyografi
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famke janssen

With the physique of an Olympic gymnast, Famke has converted a successful modeling career into Hollywood fame. Anyone who has been to Holland knows of their incredibly good disposition and the friendly character of the Dutch. Famke is no different, with her impeccable taste, wonderfully sexy grooming, and never ending sophistication. She is fluent in German, French, English, and Dutch, which gives her great latitude in conversation.

Famke was an Economics student at the University of Amsterdam, and a model before making it to the big leagues as a Hollywood actress. She was raised in Amsterdam with her parents and her two sisters until 1984, when she decided to move to New York City and pursue a modeling career. She easily became employed with the Elite modeling agency, while she continued with her education at Columbia University, where she majored in writing and literature. Famke has recently decided to utilize her writing degree, and has written a screenplay but has not done anything with it yet. Future ambitions?

While at Columbia, she decided to try her hand at acting, and took classes with Harold Guskin. Famke wished to pursue a full time acting career, and moved to Los Angeles, the hub of aspiring actors. There she continued to take acting lessons, and finally landed her first on-screen film role in the 1992 movie "Fathers and Sons", which did not do well and almost caused her demise.

Film roles didn't pour in, probably due to the film's poor performance, but Famke found redemption when she was offered a role on the television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, the Dutch beauty played the role of Kamala. Famke's spectacular presence and intimidating look, has allowed her to move on to more dramatic roles in several well known films.

Famke was soon to see success come her way in her role in the 1995 Bond film "Golden Eye" opposite Pierce Brosnan. This huge box office success can be considered the breakthrough role that made audiences and the film industry more aware of Famke's talents. It also won her an MTV movie award nomination for Best Fight Scene in a movie

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