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eva green kimdir ? eva green biyografi
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eva green

Real Name: Eva Gaelle Green
Birthday: 05.07.1980
Birthplace: N/A
Occupation: Actor
Sign: Cancer
Death date: N/A
Death reason: N/A

French actress Eva Green will appear as the latest sexy Bond girl, Vesper Lynd, in the new 007 movie "Casino Royale", which will co-star British actor Daniel Craig. She made her movie debut with a bang, with full-frontal nude scenes in erotic thriller "The Dreamers" in 2003. Eva's first Hollywood movie, Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of Heaven", co-starred Orlando Bloom. She chooses her roles carefully to avoid ...

French actress Eva Green is set to become an international star, after winning the role any up-and-coming actress would kill for. She'll become the latest Bond Girl, the enticing Vesper Lynd, in "Casino Royale" opposite the new 007 Daniel Craig.

The green-eyed beauty made her movie debut in 2003's erotic drama "The Dreamers" (for which she also composed music for) alongside Romain Duris and Kristin Scott Thomas. She played a sexy student who falls in love with a young American during the '68 Paris student riots. Her explicit, full-frontal nude scenes for the movie caused controversy and boosted her profile.

"Onstage is the only place I can fully express myself. It's magic. For me, acting is like a therapy. I can express myself fully when I am acting and have blood in my veins. Even when I'm not working, I'm always living in my own world, imagining characters," the gorgeous star has revealed.

Her publicized role in "The Dreamers" led to parts in 2004's "Arsne Lupin", and her first Hollywood movie, Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of Heaven", as Sibylla of Jerusalem, in which she starred with Liam Neeson and Orlando Bloom. "We have a lot of chemistry on screen but it is very dangerous to mix the two, she said about her co-star Bloom. A lot of actors do, they want to be as good as possible and start really having sex with their co-star. They get confused and it leads to a lot of problems, the feisty star has revealed.

Eva recently turned down a role in Brian De Palma's "The Black Dahlia", which starred Josh Hartnett and Scarlett Johansson, not wanting to be typecast as a femme fatale. The part went to Hilary Swank.

I hope after "Kingdom Of Heaven", I'll have more opportunities and more choices. I hope to get more work. But I'm very picky. I take my time and I just want to enjoy what I'm doing. I turned down a lot of stuff, but we'll see what happens. I had more propositions after "The Dreamers" to play some femme fatales, but I try to avoid that," she has explained.

As well as "Casino Royale", Eva's upcoming movies include "The Nazi Officer's Wife" (due 2006), "Zhivaya Riba" (2007) and "In The Country Of The Last Things" (2007)

I'd rather be thought as an international actress rather than a French one. Because I don't know what's coming up for me, my ambition is not to be typecast. So I'm working on my English accent, as well as my American one. I don't want to be like 'Okay, I'm French, and I want to succeed in Hollywood!' Juliette Binoche has set a good example of what I want to do, because she works all over the world, and that's what I want to do as well," Eva has said about her future plans.

In her spare time, Eva - who has a twin sister - enjoys listening to classical music, cooking, walking him her native Paris, watching movies, walking her pet dog and visiting museums.

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