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estella warren kimdir ? estella warren biyografi
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estella warren

Estella is a strawberry blonde vixen, who is well on her way to fame and fortune and has tons of fans wanting to catch a glimpse of her. She is an former professional swimmer who has modeled for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition, and she can be seen on advertisement billboards everywhere. That's quite a change for the young model who only few years ago was closer to going to the Olympic games as a national champion swimmer, than doing the runways of the Paris catwalk.

The body of a swimmer with the face of a wayward girl, what could be more alluring. By Estella's own admission, she likes to prance around nude, and considers clothes irrelevant. Estella declares, "Coming from a barely clothed childhood as a swimmer makes me really comfortable with my body".

Estella Warren was born December 23, 1978, to an elementary school principal mother and an automobile salesman father. As a professional swimmer, Estella moved to Toronto at the age of 12 to train with the national synchronized swimming team. Estella had already been living on her own in Toronto for 4 years, so the move to New York City to pursue a modeling career was not a difficult one. Her father became her manager and modeling agent when Estella decided to exchang the pool goggles for high heels in a very smart career move.

The next thing Estella knew, she was doing photo shoots with professional fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth, and posing for Italian Vogue. As word spread of her beauty, so did her exposure, and now Estella's beautiful face was on the covers of the French and Spanish Marie Claire, French, German, Spanish, and Italian Elle, German GQ, as well as Yahoo Internet Life.

Estella has appeared in advertisements for Andrew Marc, Byblos, Manuel Canovas beachwear, Perry Ellis, Cacharel, De Beers, Samsung notebooks, Cartier, Volvo, and of course appearances in the Victoria's Secret catalogue. Her most notable work in advertising is for Chanel, who selected Estella as the new No. 5 Girl, and she can be seen in ads for the designer perfume.

Estella hasn't changed much from her days growing up in the Ontario suburbs, where she had the reputation as someone who likes to party. When she is not posing for photographers, Estella enjoys horseback riding, playing the piano, singing, and of course swimming. She is no stranger to wearing a swimsuit, and has been featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, frolicking on the beaches with fellow models, Laetitia Casta and Heidi Klum. Estella is presently signed with modeling agencies in NewYork, Paris, London, and Milan, and this sexy champion supermodel is looking to take her talents to the silver screen

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