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Hark! The gently murmuring new age synths, tinkling piano, Celtic overtones and washes of ambient soundscapes. It can only be new age diva Enya. Ah, soothing musical balm for the soul. The singer rose to worldwide fame on the back of her acclaimed 1988 album, Watermark. From it, the single, Orinoco Flow, with its hypnotic, aquatic orchestration, (%u2018Sail away, sail away!%u2019), would give her a UK No.1 helping her become Ireland's biggest ever selling solo star. Let's sit back and rela-aax...

Eithne Brennan was born on 17 May, 1961 in Gwedore, County Donegal. Her father was a showband leader and her elder siblings were founder members of tradional folk group Clannad, whose members included Maire, Pol and Ciaran Brennan and Noel and Padraig Duggan. Noel and Padraig were uncles of the three Brennans making the name Clannad (Irish for family) highly apt. At first they sang only in Irish, building up support in Ireland. Classically trained pianist Enya joined the group in 1980 and shortly afterwards the group was commissioned to provide the music for the TV thriller Harry's Game which was set in Northern Ireland. Composed by Pol Duggan, the haunting single, Theme from Harry's Game, sung by Enya, became a UK Top 10 hit in 1982. The group went on to record the album Magical Ring for UK release but Enya left the group shortly after.

While Clannad went on to collaborate with the likes of Bono and Bruce Hornsby on further album releases, Enya's first solo project was to write the soundtrack to The Frog Prince in 1985. She followed this inauspicious solo start with a commission to write the music to the BBC TV documentary The Celts. Built around new age synths and wailing bagpipes the music was different enough to attract interest from the mainstream music press and a subsequent Top 70 UK chart placing. Enya was soon signed to Warners Records and began collaborating with backing musicians Roma and Nicky Ryan, the latter also became her producer. Together they would come to pen the acclaimed Watermark album and the album's No.1 single, Orinico Flow. With its lavish arrangements and choral-like effects, the music transported Enya's crystal clear vocals into an ethereal new dimension and new age Celtism was born. The bulk of the album alternated between hymn-like grace and more expansively lush sound collages. The album spawned a further two hit singles with Evening Falls and Storms In Africa, going on to become a multi-million seller.

Bu biyografi (enya) 1883 kez okundu.

Biyografi: enya Hayat-yaam hakknda bilgi veriyor.

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