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ella fitzgerald kimdir ? ella fitzgerald biyografi
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ella fitzgerald

Ella Fitzgerald could outswing anyone. She was a brilliant scat singer and had near-perfect elocution. All attributes that made her arguably the finest jazz singer of all time.

Ella was born on 25 April, 1918 in Newport News, Virginia. She grew up in poverty. Her parents, William and Temperance parted shortly after she was born and in 1932 Ella's mother died in a car accident. Ella was homeless for a while before launching her professional singing career in 1934 with a victory in an Apollo Theatre amateur contest in Harlem. Soon Ella was hired by band leader and jazz drummer Chick Webb. Ella soon became the band's focal point. In 1936 Ella made her first recording, Love and Kisses, released on the Decca label but it was the song A Tisket A Tasket, released in 1938, that would become her first million selling single. The song's throwaway lyrics were taken by Fitzgerald from a nursery rhyme and its success dominated Decca's recording plans for Ella over the next decade.

When Webb died in 1939 Ella took over leadership of the band, fronting the orchestra for the next two years, releasing ballads and novelty numbers like 1939's Wubba Dolly. Ella was now married to Benny Kornegay, a local dockworker who had been pursuing her. But upon learning that Kornegay had a criminal history, Ella realized that the relationship was a mistake and soon had the marriage annulled.

In 1941 Ella quit the orchestra to begin a solo career. As well as solo records, Decca paired her with such popular vocal groups as The Mills Brothers for 1939's Big Boy Blue and the Delta Rhythm Boys on 1945's best-selling It's Only A Paper Moon. A duet with Louis Armstrong, 1946's You Won't Be Satisfied Until You Break My Heart, was also a big hit.

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