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david gray kimdir ? david gray biyografi
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david gray

David Gray David Gray is no longer just a wobbly headed singer-songwriter but a one-man mini industry, his name a byword for the tag 'singer-songwriter'. He endured years of comparative failure before his 1999 album White Ladder propelled him to stardom, selling 6m copies. It remains one of the five most successful British albums of the last decade. Gray's folk-tinged, confessional acoustics have since paved the way for the success of a host of 'sensitive' singer songwriters such as Damien Rice and James Blunt. But we can't blame him for that!

David Gray was born in Sale, Manchester in 1968. His father co-owned a chain of baker's shops. When he was eight the family went 'rustic' and moved to a leafy corner of Pembrokeshire. By the time Gray had become a teenager he was exploring the life of a rural rocker, taking in the local punk and folk scene. Together with his band, The Vacuums, Gray would perform at school discos. By the time he arrived at Liverpool College Of Art, Gray had begun to write songs. He was living as an impoverished but bohemian student in a coverted police station and had formed his first serious band, Waiting For Deffo. "The songs came out all melancholy and very Dylan-esque," remembers Gray. One of the band's demo tapes reached A&R man Rob Holden who liked what he heard but urged Gray to ditch the rest of the band. It was an easy decision. "Well, the guitarist was 39," says Gray. Holden eventually signed Gray to a solo deal with Virgin spin-off label Hut Records in 1992.

Gray's debut album, A Century Ends, was released in 1993. The album displayed Gray's sparse songwriting skills - its flourishing balladry and ornate lyrics had a decidedly Celtic/Waterboys feel. In the UK the album sold 2,000 copies although it did considerably better in Ireland. Follow up album Flesh, arrived in 1994 on the back of a year of touring during which Gray had built up a big cult following, especially, again, in Ireland. Folk, grunge and Celtic influences sat side by side on tracks such as What Are You Now and Falling Free and desipite decent reviews Gray now looks on the album harshly. "It was a mess," he says. But Hut didn't seem to know how to market Gray's folk-rock hybrid and he would eventually become lost amid the dawning of Brit pop.

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