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JUSTIN HAWKINS vocals, guitar, synthesizer

Birthday: 17 March

Favourite The Darkness Song: 'Friday Night'

Favourite The Darkness Gig: The Monarch, Camden Town (6 February 2002, first time wearing furry trousers!)

3 Desert Island Discs:

AC/DC Powerage
Aerosmith Pump
Queen Jazz
Additional Information:

The Darkness' vocalist Justin Hawkins became an amphibian midwife during an educational visit to the Norfolk Broads. Whilst urinating behind some bushes, a spherical object fell from a leaf and rested on the shaft of his man-member. To his horror, the object wobbled before what appeared to be a frog-like creature with a long tail hatched from within it. The reptile accepted Justin as her mother, and denied the Hawkins' family's attempts to introduce her to the wild. The scaly infant would look at Justin and exclaim "You are the one that I want." Probably because he had 'DELIVERED THE NEWT ON JOHN'.

Quote: "Dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire legalised by music." (George Bernard Shaw)



Birthday: 12 December

Favourite The Darkness Song: Get Your Hands Off My Woman

3 Desert Island Albums:

AC/DC Live
Fleetwood Mac Rumours
Thin Lizzy Jailbreak
Additional Information:

The Darkness' guitarist Dan Hawkins was once hailed as East Anglia's youngest soothsayer. Dan could accurately predict the gender, weight, and distinctive markings of unborn cattle some five weeks in advance of their birth. The simple rural folk of East Anglia struggled to come to terms with Dan's gift, and sadly he was unable to 'CALF' out a career in fortune telling. Suggestions made in the Regional Press that Dan had descended from an ancient family of witches were dismissed by the Hawkins family as 'UDDER' rubbish.



Birthday: 20 February

Favourite The Darkness Song: 'Stuck In A Rut'

3 Desert Island Discs:

The Knack Get The Knack
The Cult Spirit Walker
XTC Drums & Wires
Additional Information:

The Darkness' drummer Ed Graham was often taunted at school, because he bears a remarkable resemblance to the internationally reknowned snooker prodigy Ray "Dracula" Reardon. Which is probably why he always cocks up his 'COUNT-INS'. And he often seems reluctant to begin his drum parts 'ON CUE'. When Ed's fame eclipses that of his lookalike, the 'TABLES' will have been turned.


RICHIE EDWARDS bass guitar

Birthday: 25 September

Favourite The Darkness Song: 'Bareback'

Favourite The Darkness Gig: Oxegen Festival, Dublin, Ireland (11 July 2004)

3 Desert Island Discs:

Queen Sheer Heart Attack
Queen A Night At The Opera
Queen Jazz
Additional Information:

While Birmingham or perhaps more accurately the Black Country as a whole has fair claim to the monicker "home of rock" due to its status as a melting pot for rock'n'roll popular culture, Richie's home town of Lichfield has itself a little-known role as the cradle of heavy metal. For it was in a small rock club in Lichfield called The Pokey Hole - don't look for it, it's not there anymore - that a jazz-blues band called Earth debuted a new song, one that foreshadowed an auspicious new musical direction. The song? "Black Sabbath". Their names? Tony, Bill, Ozzy and Geezer. The year was 1969.

Quote: "Let's have a look at what you could've won." (Jim Bowen)

Thanks to spooner_22@hotmail.com for submitting the biography.

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