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Coldplay's debut Parachutes was the sound of four polite, middle-class English boys struggling to make sense of the world, love and insecurity. Tagged unfairly as the new Radiohead for their bleakly beautiful musings and infamously, as making "music for bedwetters" by former Creation Records boss Alan McGee, Coldplay's humble, taking-it-on-the-chin rock would soon conquer Britain and America with the release of their majestic 2002 album, A Rush Of Blood To The Head. Proof that nice guys don't always finish last. As Echo & The Bunnymen frontman Ian McCulloch once said: "I want to hate them, but they're so good." Er, quite.

Coldplay (Chris Martin - vocals), Will Champion (drums), Jonny Buckland (guitar) and Guy Berryman (bass) were formed in 1997 while the quartet were at University College London together. In 1999 they released their self-financed record, the Safety EP which earned the band some raves in the UK press. They appeared at September's In The City showcase for unsigned bands but a performance at London's Camden Falcon in December was watched by influential Fierce Panda Records co-founder Simon Williams, providing the band with a one-off single, Brothers And Sisters which broke into the UK Top 100 at the start of 1999. In May 1999 the band signed a deal with Parlophone. Three months into their contract the band sat and passed their finals. You see, well educated middle class boys. "Yeah, it does get a bit tiring reading that we are such nice, humble chaps all the time," says Chris Martin.

The band played Glastonbury in 2000 shortly after the release of their Parlophone debut, the Blue Room EP. They had already scraped into the Top 40 with their single, Shiver but following their Glasto appearance, follow up single, Yellow, went straight in at No.4 in the UK charts. Overnight they became the new, friendlier and more accessible Radiohead, also drawing comparisons with their gentle emo-rock cousins Travis.
The release of their debut album, Parachutes in 2000, showcased Chris Martin's emotive, elegaic songs, the sound of men mature beyond their years. The album entered the UK chart at No.1 in July, a refreshing kick against the climate of lad rock dominating the British music scene. It was nominated for a Mercury Music Prize and had gone four times platinum by the end of the year.

Despite their initial success, the band lacked real rock cred. They spent much of 2001 away from Britain, touring the Parachutes album. By the end of the year the band seemed in disarray with rumours of tour exhaustion and Martin suffering from writers block. Martin famously told the presss that if the band's new songs weren't up to standard, they would call it a day. In 2002 things began to change. Previously coming across as a tongue-tied geek in interviews, Martin loosened up, becoming quotable. He accused Bono of having a hair weave and confessed to having been a virgin until three years previously and that he'd previously thought he was gay.

Their Glastonbury 2002 appearance previewed material from their new album, A Rush Of Blood To The Head. The new material marked a significant move forward, adding a more powerful, muscular experimental dimension to their sound. Wiry piano ballads like The Scientist sat nicely alongside stadium-lite anthems In My Place and Clocks. The album entered the British charts at No.1. America also began to sit up and take notice. Clocks became a US radio hit and the album climbed to No. 5 in the US, an almost unprecedented achievement for a British band. Coldplay were willing to put the legwork in to crack America. They played all the places that most British bands weren't prepared to play. (Hello Oasis).

Chris Martin's raised profile in the US led to a string of celebrity dates with Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Their respective alternative star demeanours seemed to make for a good pairing. They were both slightly out of time and place. Paltrow speaks several languages and Martin is the drug-free rock star familiar with ancient Greek and Latin. However, Liam Gallagher wasn't impressed by the celeb coupling, referring to Gwyneth as "a gawky bird" and Martin as "a geography teacher." Both Martin and Paltrow struggled to keep their relationship a secret as Chris had run-ins with several photographers trying to snap the couple, allegedly smashing the windscreen of one hapless pap.

The couple's wedding was held under strict secrecy. The event took place at San Ysidro Ranch, California on 7 November, 2003, followed by a honeymoon in Mexico. Soon after Paltrow announced she was pregnant. She gave birth to a baby daughter, Apple, in 2004.
Over 2003 A Rush Of Blood To The Head would go on to sell three million copies in the US alone. By the start of 2004 it had sold 9m copies worldwide and earned the band 17 major accolades, including three Grammys, numerous MTV Video Music Awards, and an Ivor Novello Award for Songwriters Of The Year. Martin responded to the band's success and his newfound relationship with a new confidence. He stopped apologising onstage and in interviews. Names as disparate as Bono, Mos Def, Beth Orton, P. Diddy and PJ Harvey started to sing Coldplay's praises as they toured A Rush Of Blood To The Head throughout 2003. They sold out legendary venues like the Hollywood Bowl and Madison Square Garden.

They also used their position as a leading rock band to campaign for a number of charitable, environmental and anti globalization groups. Chris visited Haiti and the Dominican Republic with Oxfam to witness how the poor are affected by inequitable global trade rules, raising awareness of the Make Trade Fair Campaign. Chris was also part of the Band Aid 20 re-recording of Do They Know It's Christmas in November 2004 to aid famine relief in Ethiopia.

Coldplay have now completed their third album, X & Y,due for release in May, 2005. Martin said on making the album. "We've become obsessed with trying to deliver something amazing." We wouldn't bet against them...

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