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Ciara Harris (sounds like Sierra) was born on October 25, 1985.

She grew up in a military household and as a military brat (her father was in the army, her mother was in the air force), she moved around her family moved around the country (and the world) while she was younger. She lived in Arizona, California, Germany and Nevada before eventually settling in Atlanta.

She always enjoyed singing. She began doing some modeling, but thought that singing would be her focus after she finished school. She graduated Riverdale High School in 2003 and she wrote down on a piece of paper that she was going to be a professional singer and set out to do just that. She cut out everything that did not have to do with a singing career, including talking on the phone, friends and even broke up with her boyfriend. She joined a girl group (Hear Say), but quickly decided that she should be a solo artist, and then she hooked up with record producer Jazze Pha and signed with his record label (ShoNuff).

Together with Sean Garret (co-wrote Yeah), and produced by Lil Jon, they wrote her first single, "Goodies," which was produced in the Crunk & B style first originated by Usher. In 2004, she was the first female to release a song in this genre and after it became popular, she was dubbed with the title of the First Lady of Crunk & B. [Note: the word crunk was derived from mixing of the words crazy and funk.] The album by the same name (Goodies), released by LaFace Records also became an instant chart topper (Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Top 10) when it was released in September of that year.

She released her Goodies video in 2005 which includes music videos from the album and the making of "1, 2, Step" other behind the scene scenes and bonus song. She is currently touring around the U.S.

She won the 2005 BET Award for best collaboration for her the hit song "1, 2, Step" featuring Missy Elliot

Favorites: food = soul food

Rumors Dispelled: There are rumors that have been circulating around the internet about Ciara's sexual preferences. First of all, Ciara is not a transexual and has never had a sex change operation. Secondly, Ciara is not gay. Supposedly these statements were said on Oprah, which is impossible, since she has as of yet never appeared on the show.

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