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christina ricci kimdir ? christina ricci biyografi
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christina ricci

The buxom Christina is becoming a top box office draw and seems to be destined for super-stardom in the new century. She is both candid and controversial and is highly skilled actress, who at the age of 19 directed and worked on the screenplay for the movie "Asylum". She is known as compulsive talker and smoker who seems to have a new and refreshing view on every subject.

Christina landed the role of Cher's daughter in 1990's "Mermaids", working along side Winona Ryder and Bob Hoskins. A year later she really hit the silver screen when she played Wednesday in Barry Sonnenfeld's film version of "The Addams Family".

Christinas performance in Ang Lee's "The Ice Storm" was widely praised and critic James Berardinelli called her "one of the best actresses of her generation." This was followed by a string of independent film performances, with roles in"Pecker", "I Woke Up Early the Day I Died" and "Desert Blue". The limelight found her again when she received critical acclaim for her roles in "Buffalo '66" and "The Opposite of Sex" for which she was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Christina was born in Santa Monica on February 12th, 1980 and at the age of seven her family packed up and moved to New Jersey settling in Montclair. While performing in a school show, Christina was noticed by a local movie critic who was taken by her talent and before long she was shooting commercials and her career was started.

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