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chopin kimdir ? chopin biyografi
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Like Mozart and Beethoven, Chopin's music remains the most instantly recognisable in the classical canon. Chopin's piano music is among the most original and influential work of the nineteenth century. His works tend to fall into one of three categories - small pieces (or tudes) for piano, published between 1833 and 1837; larger, more developed works for the piano (nocturnes, preludes, impromptus, mazurkas, polonaises); and the even larger, freely-conceived works (ballades, fanatasies, scherzos). He also wrote several sonatas, piano concertos, and a smattering of music for other instruments.

The composer's heroes were Bach and Mozart. He combined both composers' elegance. Chopin realised his potential very early in life. By the time he had composed his piano concertos, aged 19, he had already developed his own pianistic style, unlike any composer before or since.

Frederic Chopin was born in 1810 in Poland to a French father and Polish mother. He studied at the Warsaw Conservatory By the age of 19 he had written his F minor piano concerto and had played two concerts in Vienna. As a pianist, Chopin was left to develop on his own. Warsaw had no piano teachers of importance and his teaching was given over to a local violinist, Adalberty Zwyny who instilled in him a love of Bach and Mozart. His teacher at the Warsaw Conservatory, Josef Elsner, understood Chopin's genius and nourished him without restrictions encouraging his flawless piano technque and the perfect evenness of his scales.

In 1831 Chopin arrived in Paris where he was to remain until his death in 1849. The French capital was the great centre of culture and Chopin found himself inspired by artists of literature, art and music, including the writer Balzac, painter Delacroix (who painted Chopin) and composers including Liszt and Berlioz who all befriended the young Frederic. Through his aristocratic Polish friends, Chopin befriended the influential Rothschilds who enabled him to set up a teaching studio that was his primary source of financial support throughout his short life. The intense poeticism in Chopin's music made him a Romantic icon to many of his contemporaries, and he was embraced by elite society.

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