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catherine zeta-jones kimdir ? catherine zeta-jones biyografi
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catherine zeta-jones

Birth name
Catherine Jones
Date of birth (location)
25 September 1969
Swansea, West Glamorgan, Wales, UK


The gorgeous, raven-haired Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones first came to prominence in the United Kingdom with her co-starring role as the eldest daughter in a boisterous farm family in the British TV series "The Darling Buds of May" (Yorkshire TV, 1991-93). A head-turner who balanced her stately beauty with an appealing working class bluntness, Zeta-Jones had begun her career as a child performer on the musical stage, starring as the wholesome heroine "Annie" and as the most sophisticated Tallulah in the stage musical "Bugsy Malone".

Her biggest stage break came when she headlined the West End production of "42nd Street", portraying chorus girl-turned-star Peggy Sawyer. French director Philippe de Broca tapped the exotic actress for the title role in "Sheherazade" (1990). Zeta-Jones subsequently portrayed the explorer's wife in "Christopher Columbus: The Discovery" (1992) and a reckless young woman desperate to be a duchess in the comedy "Splitting Heirs" (1993). She was well-cast as Eustacia Vye, the willful woman thought to be a witch, in the "Hallmark Hall of Fame" adaptation of "The Return of the Native" (CBS, 1994), opposite Clive Owen and Ray Stevenson.

After playing Chloe, the girlfriend of a surfer torn between the waves and a commitment to her, in the unusual British film "Blue Juice" (1995), Zeta-Jones was finally tapped by Hollywood to portray the villainous aviatrix Sala in "The Phantom" (1996). She continued to make in-roads in the USA portraying a woman jeopardizing her future by having a shipboard affair with an old flame in the CBS miniseries "Titanic" (1996). In 1998, Zeta-Jones landed the high profile role of a seductress opposite Antonio Banderas in "The Mask of Zorro" and made headlines in the trades when she won the female lead opposite Sean Connery in the romantic thriller "Entrapment" (1999).

While the actress' onscreen May-December match-up with Connery captured much attention, it was nothing compared to the talk surrounding her real-life romance with actor-producer Michael Douglas, a Hollywood heavyweight 25 years her senior. The two became parents and subsequently married in 2000, in a highly publicized ceremony. Prior to the nuptials, Zeta-Jones played a playful, mysterious beauty in the 1999 remake of "The Haunting", and had a memorable cameo as the glamorous, free-wheeling former girlfriend of John Cusack's central character in "High Fidelity" (2000).

She would next be seen to good effect playing the unwitting wife of a drug lord (Steven Bauer) in the roundly acclaimed feature "Traffic" (also 2000). Though the film co-starred Douglas, the two were in no scenes together, due to the thematically-linked three-part storyline. In 2001, Zeta-Jones was featured in "America's Sweethearts", a romantic comedy about a high-profile Hollywood couple, an experience not far from her own. Surely she hoped that life didn't imitate art in this case, as the pair in question are in the midst of a bitter break up on the movie set, much to the chagrin of the film's publicist.

In 2002, Zeta-Jones wowed audiences and critics with her hertofore undisplayed singing and dancing chops when she starred as the murderess Velma Kelly in the film version of the hit Broadway musical "Chicago."

In 2003, her dazzling performance earned Zeta-Jones an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Chicago - an adaptation of the 1975 stage musical, also starring Renee Zellweger and Richard Gere - as well as a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy/Musical.

Zeta-Jones married Michael Douglas on November 18, 2000. Their son, Dylan Michael Douglas, was born in August of 2000. Their daughter, Carys Zeta Douglas, was born in April of 2003.

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