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catherine bell kimdir ? catherine bell biyografi
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catherine bell

Catherine is one of the few sex symbols that CBS does not mind promoting, she is a knock-out with class. She has beauty, grace and style, and she plays Major Sarah "Mac" MacKenzie on CBS's military court drama "JAG". The TV show, "JAG" has recently entered the Top 20 Nielsen list as one of the most watched shows in North America. As one of the stars of the hit show, Catherine hasn't had any trouble raising her personal fan club by a million or so sailors and marines.

Catherine got her showbiz start in a commercial for American Express, but her big break came playing Isabella Rossellini's body double in "Death Becomes Her". Catherine could have played the entire role with ease because of her incredible style which compliments her fantastic figure. Catherine dresses with class and the elegance that reflects her European heritage.

Catherine has a wonderful sexiness with a very natural and different look that isn't seen too often in Hollywood. She was born August 14, 1968, in London, England, to a British father and an Iranian mother. This did more than grant her dual citizenship, it guarantees her some very unique features. When she was three years old, Catherine relocated to Los Angeles with her family and she appeared in several television commercials as a child.

Catherine was a straight-A student who programmed computers, but was known to have a wild side. Originally she wanted to become an artist, but ended up going to UCLA to study medicine, with the intention of becoming a biomedical engineer or a surgeon. Catherine had a change of plans and began modeling part time while in college. She put her studies on hold when she headed to Japan to model for several months, and a different career path emerged.

What sets Catherine apart from other celebrities, is her kindness; she spends most of her free time helping charities, most notably the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, and the Buoniconti Fund that is searching for a cure for paralysis. Off screen, Catherine says she is just a normal woman, if normal means you enjoy bungee jumping, riding motorcycles, and kickboxing. Catherine and her husband live near LA, with their two Italian greyhounds, Zoe and Leo.

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