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cate blanchett kimdir ? cate blanchett biyografi
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cate blanchett

Born May 14, 1969 in Melbourne, Australia, Cate is an accomplished stage, television and screen actress. She is the product of an Australian mother and a Texan father. Cate is one of three children, Bob her older brother, and Genevive her younger sister. Cate was raised by her mother following her father's passing when she was ten. She has described her childhood as normal, while seeing herself as "part extrovert, part wallflower".

Cate grew up in Melbourne, and she began her studies of fine arts and economics at the University of Melbourne. She then attended Methodist Ladies College, where she was part of "Cato" House drama group. Cate left college life to continue her education via world travel. After the expiration of her visitor's visa forced her to leave England, she eventually found herself in Egypt, and desperate for money. In an effort to earn some cash, she signed on as an extra in an Arabic boxing film. It was the first time she had ever been on a film set, and this experience left a lasting impression on her future goals.

Cate return to Melbourne and enrolled at Australia's prestigious National Institute of Dramatic Art. Cate recalls, "It was only when I realized how actors have the power to move people that I decided to pursue acting as a serious profession. Cate went on to star as Carol, opposite Geoffrey Rush in David Mamet's searing production, "Oleanna", again for The Sydney Theater Company. Cate achieved an unprecedented feat, winning the Rosemont Best Actress Award. In 1995, she was nominated for Best Female Performance for her turn as Ophelia in the Belvoir Street Theater Company's production of "Hamlet". Cates other theater credits include Helen in the Sydney Theater Company's "Sweet Phoebe", Miranda in "The Tempest", and Rose in "The Blind Giant Is Dancing", again for the Belvoir Street Theater Company.

Cate has also worked in television, co-starring with the Australian Broadcasting Company's "Heartland", winning critical acclaim in this examination of Aborigines. She also earned notice as Bianca in ABC's "Bordertown", as Janie Morris in "G.P.", and in ABC's popular series, "Police Rescue". Cate made her feature film debut as a shy Australian nurse in Bruce Beresford's, Paradise Road. She next starred in Cherie Nowlan's debut feature, "Thank God He Met Lizzie", playing the title role. For this, Cate won the prestigious Australian Film Institute's Best Supporting Actress Award. Cate's next venture was the critically acclaimed, Oscar and Lucinda, directed by noted Australian director, Gillian Armstrong. Cate captivated audiences and critics alike, playing opposite Ralph Fiennes, with her bewitching and mesmerizing portrait of Lucinda Leplastrier.

In June of 1997, she married Andrew Upton, a script and continuity editor she had met on the Parklands shoot. It was not, apparently, love at first sight. He has remarked he found her "aloof", and she has described him as having been "a bit full of himself", they soon bonded over a shared good sense of humor. And, if their interaction at the Golden Globes is any indication, they would appear to be true soulmates, and deeply in love. It was Cate's star making portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I in Shekhar Kapur's "Elizabeth" that shot her into the stratosphere in terms of both popular and critical acclaim. Her stunning metamorphosis from innocent, love struck young lass to the hardened, seemingly calcified, ruler of England was stunning and heartbreaking, igniting a firestorm of focused attention within the film community. Cate's chameleon-like qualities astounded both the industry and the public. Consequently, it was of little surprise when the Awards began to pour in.

As a result of "Elizabeth", Cate was honored with the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Dramatic Motion Picture, and was designated Best Actress for her performance by The Broadcast Film Critics Association, The Chicago Film Critics Association, The London Critics Circle, The Golden Satellite Awards, The Toronto Film Critics Association, and The Online Film Critics Society. She was also nominated by her peers for the prestigious Screen Actors Guild Best Actress Award, and received an Academy Award nomination as Best Actress. Her film, "Elizabeth" received seven nominations in all including, Best Picture, Best Cinematography, Best Art Direction, Best Musical Score, Best Costume Design and Best Makeup.

1999 was a busy year for Cate, she played Meredith Logue in the film "The Talented Mr. Ripley", directed by Anthony Minghella, which stars Matt Damon and Gwyneth Paltrow. Cate co-starred in the new comedy from Mike Newell, "Four Weddings and a Funeral", written by Glen and Les Charles, creators of "Cheers". Next was "Pushing Tin", a black comedy about the madcap lives of two air traffic controllers and their wives, starring Cate with John Cusack, Billy Bob Thonton and Angelina Jolie. The reviews of Cate were unanimous across the board, her performance as Long Island housewife, Connie Falzone, stole the picture, offering a layered performance that was simultaneously sexy and poignant.

Cate took a break to appear with Kate Winslett, Julianne Moore, Melanie Griffiths, and Gillian Anderson in a one night, Valentine's Day charity benefit performance of "The Vagina Monologues" at the Old Vic Theater, in February, 1999.

Cate's fans rejoiced at the news that she had joined the cast of Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings" film playing the part of the beautiful elf Queen, Galadriel. Cate is also well known in cultured circles for her exquisite taste and expertise in classical music.

She is a regular visitor to Classic FM Radio in Sydney, where she is a frequent sit-in guest on such programs as the Margaret Throsby Program, playing and discussing classical music. Cate has become well-known throughout the world not only for her distinct sense of style and fashion, but, for her charitable work on behalf of children's and women's causes.

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