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carrie anne moss kimdir ? carrie anne moss biyografi
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carrie anne moss

Birthday: 21.08.1967
Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Occupation: Actor
Sign: Leo
Death date: N/A
Death reason: N/A

While in Europe, she was cast in the CBS series "Dark Justice" during the 1991-92 season when it was filmed in Barcelona. When the series moved to Los Angeles, Moss followed, and did more professional acting work. While her film work had previously been in low-profile or direct-to-video releases, Moss' star-making role was in 1999's "The Matrix". ...

Carrie-Anne Moss hails from Vancouver, Canada, and was born August 21, 1967. The youngest of 2 siblings and named after the Hollies' hit 1967 song, "Carrie-Anne," the striking beauty was raised on the Canadian West Coast by her single mother, Barbara.

Carrie-Anne always wanted to pursue acting, and at age 11 she made her acting debut in the Vancouver children's musical theater. Her high school years were spent at Magee Secondary School, where she toured Europe with the school choir.

After working as a waitress in Vancouver and model in Toronto, Carrie-Anne became the first member of her family to leave Canada, and set off to Europe at the age of 20 to pursue modeling. Posing for cameras as a model took her from Europe to Japan and back, and eventually led to her first break in acting; a role in the CBS television series Dark Justice in 1991, filmed in Barcelona.

She returned to the US when the show relocated to LA, which in turn opened more doors for the porcelain-skin actress, one of which was a role in Outward Bound, at the Hudson Theater. After her stint on Dark Justice, Carrie-Anne studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

In 1992, Carrie-Anne appeared in TV's Nightmare Caf?, Forever Knight, and Street Justice, Silk Stalkings, L.A. Law, The Matrix (which had no relation to the hit movie), and Baywatch in the next couple of years.

The small appearances on TV shows finally led to a role on a Spelling television production, the drama Models Inc. in 1994, also starring Garcelle Beauvais. Following the short-lived series, Carrie-Anne was still waiting for her big break, especially after small roles in films like The Soft Kill (in which she had a topless scene), Terrified, co-starring Heather Graham, Sabotage, Lethal Tender, and The Secret Life of Algernon. In 1996, she gave television another try when she was cast in F/X: The Series for a season.

Finally, after six auditions for a little sci-fi film called The Matrix, Carrie-Anne proved to the film's directors that she could undergo the grueling physical work for the film, and was the perfect face and talent for the role. Once audiences laid eyes on Carrie-Anne as Trinity -- latex catsuit and all -- in 1999's The Matrix, it was clear the world had a new sci-fi cyber woman to fulfill every moviegoer's fantasy.

Named Best Actress in a Leading Role with a Golden State Award for The Matrix, Carrie-Anne expanded her film roles in projects like The Crew, Memento, Red Planet, and the critically-acclaimed Chocolat, in which she portrayed a frigid woman living in a French provincial town. And all these roles were in the year 2000. International audiences are counting down the days until the rest of The Matrix trilogy arrives to the screen. The next installment will be released in 2003, and is entitled The Matrix Reloaded.

The chemistry between Trinity and Neo was not all fiction; Carrie-Anne and Keanu Reeves have dated. The graceful actress is now married to actor Steve Roy.

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