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carmen electra kimdir ? carmen electra biyografi
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carmen electra

Carmen was born April 20, 1972, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Carmen is a celebrity performer, singer, and dancer. Growing up in White Oak, Ohio, at the age of nine, she was selected for the School for Creative and
Performing Arts. While studying there, she took singing lessons, and by her teenage years, she was dancing in musicals and doing her own choreographing for the school's theater.

Carmen's goal was to eventually make it out to Los Angeles and get a recording contract. Carmen moved to Minneapolis to stay with her sisters, and began modeling for the Target department stores. Four years later, she moved to L.A., and changed her name to Carmen Electra. Soon after her arrival in LA, she met the celebrity star performer known as Prince. For all practical purposes, she had just been discovered.

In 1992, after auditioning for Prince, Carmen was signed to his Paisley Park Records label. Despite the fact that Prince took her under his wing, her first album was a dud. Carmen reinvented herself and appeared on the Nickelodeon show, "ALL THAT".

Carmen's career was in danger of vanishing, so she made her clothes disappear instead. In March of 1996, Carmen took a huge step forward and posed nude for Playboy. She also performed in a video for Playboy, "Playboy Cheerleaders", in which she sings the show stopper, "2-4-6-8".

Carmen hosted MTV's Loveline, and following this performance, on October 4, 1996, Lisa Berger, MTV's senior vice president announced that Carmen had been selected to replace Jenny McCarthy on MTV's innovative show, "Singled Out".

In March 1997, Carmen appears in cartoon form as the model for a character who's a singer and a vampire in a comic book series called Embra. Her heritage is Irish, German, and Cherokee. Carmen once worked as a dancer at Kings Island Amusement Park in Ohio.

Carmen, now a red hot sexy celebrity, signed on to replace Pamela Anderson on Baywatch. When the producers didn't throw her a life preserver at contract time, Carmen made the video, "The Chosen One,
Legend of the Raven", which co-starred fellow Playboy nudie, Shauna Sand Lamas. She also landed a role on the short-lived "Hyperion Bay".

Carmen has also appeared as a national spokesperson for Budweiser and recently filmed a small role in the independent feature "Dust and Stardust", a movie about making it in Hollywood.

In recent times, Carmen has been in-and-out of the papers as they document her crazy relationship with Dennis Rodman. The two were married in a quickie marriage in Las Vegas while he was drunk. Carmen is constantly on the tabloid pages, mostly for her on again-off again, married, divorced, annulled, or just dating relationship with basketball's bad boy. Stay Tuned.

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