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buddy holly kimdir ? buddy holly biyografi
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buddy holly

Despite his shortlived recording career (lasting from the spring of 1957 until 1959), along with Elvis, Chuck Berry and Bill Haley, Buddy Holly became one of rock and roll's most influential artists. He drew on country and R&B styles to form a unique brand of rock and roll and was the first man to bring NHS specs into the pop arena!

Holly was born in Lubbock, Texas on 7 September, 1936. The youngest of four children, as a child he played piano and guitar and loved blues, R&B and country music. He formed a duo at high school with friend Bob Montgomery. The pair recorded some demos of songs recorded by Montgomery playing a brand of music the duo nicknamed western 'n' bop. (The tracks were later released on the album, Holly In The Hills.) In 1955 Buddy and Bob opened shows in Lubbock for Elvis Presley and when Buddy first saw Elvis perform he saw the future direction for his own career.

By mid-1955, Buddy & Bob, had added a double bass player and drummer to the lineup. Montgomery would eventually leave the group. Without him, Holly leaned towards a harder rock and roll edge and he cut his first official recording session in January 1956 for Decca Records in Nashville. However nothing came of the sessions apart from a couple of near-singles, Midnight Shift and Rock Around.

After the failure of the Decca sessions, Holly formed a new band and travelled to Clovis, New Mexico to work with producer Norman Petty. Petty had an ear for the new, emergent rock and roll music and what made it sound appealing. In the studio Holly worked on one of the failed songs from the Nashville sessions entitled That'll Be The Day. The line was lifted from a John Wayne phrase in the movie The Searchers. Eventually the song came to the attention of Coral Records executive Bob Thiele. Ironically Coral Records was a subsidary of Decca for whom Holly had recorded unsuccessfully in Nashville.

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