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bruce springsteen kimdir ? bruce springsteen biyografi
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bruce springsteen

Dubbed the 'blue collar hero' and the 'working man's friend' Bruce Springsteen is probably the greatest chronicler of the everyday ups and downs of the ordinary American. He was born into a blue-collar New Jersey home on 23 September, 1949 and grew up cherishing the dignity of manual labour. Clad in regulation denim and check shirt, Springsteen wrote songs with simple powerful messages and then delivered them in marathon live shows that seemed to go on for days. The watchword for any Springsteen gig was always the same. Be sure to take a packed lunch. You'll be there a while!

Springsteen had played in several local New Jersey bands while he was still at college including the shortlived Steel Mill, three memers of which, (including guitarist Little Steven Van Zandt), would form his 10 piece back up group the E-Street Band.

In May 1972 Springsteen signed to Columbia with the help of legendary A&R man John Hammond who had signed Bob Dylan to the label. Infact Hammond saw Springsteen as a successor to Dylan's protest singer/songwriter mantle but Springsteen didn't have Dylan's sense of enigmatic wordplay and besides, he had other ideas. Springsteen recorded his debut album Greetings From Asbury Park, released in 1973. Regarded as overly wordy and self-conscious the album sold poorly, (although Manfred Mann's cover version of Blinded By The Light went to No.1 in the US charts in 1976). Its sucessor, The Wild, The Innocent & The E-Street Shuffle also didn't set the charts alight although with 'future classics' such as Rosalita and Incident On 57th Street on the album, it was regarded as a stronger companion to Asbury Park. Springsteen renamed his backing band the E-Street band for the album and set off on a heavy schedule of concerts. Word soon got out that Springsteen's live performances were something special.

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